Russian Warship Moskva Up Close From 2015 CNN Report

The Russian invasion of Ukraine isn’t the first time the Russian warship Moskva has made headlines.

CNN’s Matthew Chance took a tour of the now-sunken flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet back in 2015.

Watch the full video of his tour of the Moskva below.

In 2015, the Moskva deployed in response to a Russian airship being shot down by Turkey.

“The loss of this raw firepower now, which we witnessed in close quarters seven years ago. Is a humiliating military blow,” the CNN reporter said.

The Moskva had very sophisticated surface-to-air missiles, and back in 2015 it was deployed off the coast of Syria to defend Russian warplanes carrying out airstrikes in Syria.

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The ship had also played a notable part in the Russian invasion, specifically in the takeover of a Ukrainian island on which troops refused to surrender, responding “Russian warship, go f— yourself.”

“Confirmation this Black Sea flagship has now been sunk will be a major boost for Ukrainian morale. But it’s another big loss in Russia’s staggering war,” Chance added in the video.

“Well, there’s a sense from the Ukrainians tonight that this is retribution,” Chance concluded. “One Ukraine official telling CNN that ‘Putin came to kill our children, our women and our civilians. And this is our gift in return to him.’”

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