Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro post their first video together

The relationship between Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro has been the source of speculation for a while now. They uploaded a TikTok video of themselves dancing together, which more or less confirmed their relationship.

Rosalia TikTok©Rosalia
The pair posted a video of themselves dancing.

Rosalia posted the video on her TikTok account, where she posts frequent and funny videos that show off snippets of her songs and provide updates of what she’s been up to. Rauw and herself dancing to a TikTok challenge is her last video. They look relaxed and barefoot, giving the impression that they are just at home and having fun.

Fans have been following the comments they leave on each others videos to track the rumors of their relationship. They were seen holding hands as they left a restaurant together in August. While the pair didn’t make any statements, they didn’t appear to be hiding, as they smiled when they were photographed. This was their first public appearance.

Before this, fans have long speculated about both singers’ personal relationships, wanting to have a better understanding of the people they were involved with. Rosalia and Rauw have been romantically linked previously throughout the year, with avid fans spotting his car in some of Rosalia’s photos and thinking that some of their solo photos were taken from the same house.

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