RonReaco Lee AKA Tyreke 2 Children Loving dad?

RonReaco Lee has two wonderful children who make up his life. His fatherhood approach is as impressive as his skills on the big screen.

RonReaco Lee, the actor, has played many roles, including a lover and a mechanic. He also plays a band director and a cunning sports administrator. It is difficult to determine his true identity.

His most important role is the one he plays off-screen, as the loving father to his adorable children. Lee embraces this image of himself and describes himself as a husband/father, actor, and father on his IG bio. What is more about RonReaco Lee?

RonReaco Lee AKA Tyreke 2 Children Loving dad?


RonReaco Lee is a television and film actor famous for his role as mechanic Tyrek on the 90s sitcom “Sister, Sister.”He was born in August 1976 in Georgia. There he began his acting career. He currently resides in Georgia with his four-member family.

The 45-year old actor has made a name for itself in the entertainment business since he began his acting career back in the 80s. His most notable roles include “Glory,” “Girlfriends,” “Survivor’s Remorse,” and “Americanizing Shelly,” among others.

RonReaco Lee at the press junket for “Survivors Remorse” on February 3, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia


Being one of his best roles, Lee has excelled at being a dad since garnering his first experience. The proud dad never shies away from featuring his kids, BrysonAnd Jaxson, on his social media pages, giving fans a glimpse into their lives.

The actor was invited to perform in honor of National Sons Day, September 2013. Share a photo of the two youngsters, aged seven and five, on Instagram. They were pictured seated on a brick fence and looked handsome while displaying their charming smiles.

In November, the father of two won again over his fans. Sharing a string of photos of his oldest son, Bryson, as he marked his seventh birthday. The proud father was open and honest while talking about his son’s love.

In another poster shared an image of Jaxson holding up a fish and smiling, using the caption to wish him a happy fifth birthday. Lee also shared another photo to his Instagram Featured the family of four seated on a wooden stall at the farmer’s market, surrounded by pumpkins and oranges.


Lee may be proud of his fatherly qualities, but there is more to his parenting approach than meets their eyes.

The Hollywood icon is a loving father to his sons and doesn’t hesitate to let the world know. In a 2015 interview, the iconic actor spoke candidly about his love of family and how much he enjoyed spending time with them.

He acknowledged his inability to bear the burden of his pregnant wife. This meant spending more quality time with his oldest son. He explained this is:

“I’ve just (been) trying to spend as much time with my son, being that these are his final days – kind of like his last days – of being the only child.”

They welcomed Jaxson to their home in September 2015, along with their son Bryson two years prior. Sheana Freeman Lee’s wife of ten years celebrated her husband’s father’s birthday in 2019 with a heartfelt tribute.

She shared a photo showing her dad and two children, wearing matching Chicago Cubs jerseys. The star reposted the heartfelt tribute on his page, using the medium to extend father’s day wishes to other dads.


Since the beginning of “Sister, Sister,” Lee has accomplished many feats including becoming a husband and having two children.

The actor is successful career-wise Landed several remarkable roles, “Survivor’s Remorse,” “The Good Guy,” “Let’s Stay Together,” “The First Wives Club, “And the shield.

He also embraces movie directing and is now a director. Debut in the short film, “A Father’s Love.”Lee is a father-to-be, so it’s not surprising that his first credit in directional credits spoke volumes about being a loving father.

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