Reba McEntire Is Frustrated by Rex Linn’s Busy Career

Things aren’t great with Reba McIntire and Rex Linn as they are fighting over career and schedule? According to one report, CSI Miami star has grown frustrated with his girlfriend’s busy schedule.

‘Reba’s On The Brink’

According to The Globe, McEntire’s working too hard. She’s working twice as hard these days to make up for the lost pandemic year. According to an insider, “she’s been burning the candle at both ends, working 24/7 on her music and prepping for her new album’s release, while trying to get her new show Fried Green Tomatoes off the ground.”

Linn is Linn, the victim of this scheduling. Since lockdown ended, their time together has been severely reduced. An insider explains, “Lately Rex has been growing frustrated because Reba is always rushing off to do something.” She’s even distracted on date nights. An insider says, “friends are urging her to slow down and take a breather because her schedule is affecting her.”

Reba McEntire Is Frustrated by Rex Linn's Busy Career

Bogus Proof

McEntire’s claim of being scatterbrained is supported by the following: GlobeRecent COVID-19 scare is brought up by McEntire. McEntire said Linn, and she had contracted the virus. However, McEntire later stated that Linn was also ill. Further, this doesn’t constitute proof of anything wrong on McEntire’s part. Is it McEntire’s fault that she failed to test positive for the virus?

They’re Doing Fine

You won’t be shocked to learn that this story is entirely bogus. McEntire isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, as she’s planned albums and tours for decades now. Linn and McEntire posed together for a picture earlier in the week to show their relationship drama.

Reba McEntire Is Frustrated by Rex Linn's Busy Career

Linn and Linn remain strong despite the lockdown ends. This story makes no sense when you consider that Linn couldn’t possibly be surprised that McEntire, an incredibly successful singer, is continuing her singing career.

Globo often, women are attacked for having full-time jobs. Gossip Cop isn’t surprised. It ran a nearly identical story last September about Dolly Parton working too much. We’ve also seen other tabloids attack Joanna Gaines, Drew Barrymore, and Diana Ross for the same reasons. These stories are plain and straightforward sexist.

McEntire was allegedly holding a torch to Kenny Rogers by this outlet. Later, it created a love triangle between McEntire and Linn. McEntire’s eyes only see Linn, so these stories are void of merit. She’s not doing anything out of the ordinary, so this story is false.

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