New Jersey Cop rushes to help a woman from a life-threating flood

A good-hearted police officer determinedly crawled his way towards a woman. The nail-biting scene showed him bravely fighting off the powerful current and risking his life to save a struggling older woman. 

The residue floodwaters of Hurricane Ida are still leaving tragedy in their wake. Good Samaritans are there to help those in distress, even if that means putting themselves in danger. This is precisely what one New Jersey cop did. 

The Ewing Police Department shared a clip on Facebook of police officer Justin Quinlan’s heroic act. He was stuck in a railing and came across the torch-wielding officer who navigated the strong current by using a torch. 

New Jersey cop rescues women in floodwaters from Hurricane Ida.

Noticing another individual in the distance and holding onto the guard rail, Quinlan began to crawl on it towards her. Quinlan empathetically approached her as he made his way. : 

“Hold on, dear, don’t move, okay.”

Tale of truthful law enforcer

He assisted the lady in navigating the currents and instructed her to stay safe by directing her to straddle on the railing. Eventually, around half an hour later, the Ewing Fire Department came to their aid. 

New Jersey Cop rushes to help a woman from a life-threating flood

The comment section of this Facebook video was full of love. Many stated how touched they felt by the incident, while others showed their appreciation towards the first responders, both the police officer and the fire department.

One person How terrified they would be in such a situation! The post has become extremely popular, gathering just over 400 reactions and 15,000 views so far.

The police department included a statement along with this recording revealing that their force was out in full swing on September 1, 2021, with various calls about vehicles stuck in the floodwaters. This is what Quinlan was responding to with the text Reading:

“We… recognize Ewing Fire Department Captain Kyle Brower and Firefighter Oscar Estrada who… executed the rescue.”

An example to live by

The brave police officer and the fire department were then praised for their cooperation. According to reports, 52 people have died in the Northeast storm.

You don’t have to save the lives of others to be a good person. Sometimes, some loving advice can go a long way, which is the route an Amazon delivery driver takes when visiting a customer’s house. 

New Jersey Cop rushes to help a woman from a life-threating flood

A TikTok video shows Kelsey, a 28-year old worker, peeking through the doorbell camera to inform her that her number is not on her house. This could prove dangerous, the Amazon employee warned her. 

Kelsey stated that paramedics would have difficulty finding Kelsey’s house in an emergency. The driver and the officer seem to have one thing: a heart full of gold. 

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