Real Housewives of Potomac Robyn Dixon Reacts to Wendy Osefo’s Recent Shade!

Real Housewives of Potomac Robyn Dixon Reacts to Wendy Osefo’s Recent Shade!

Robyn Dixon and Wendy Osefo are still at odds. The Real Housewives of Potomac After Osefo suspected Dixon of conspiring to spread rumors about her husband’s unfaithfulness, Robyn took no time in launching a tirade at Juan’s on-again, off-again marriage. Osefo believes she is guilty by association of spreading false information about Dixon, even though Dixon wasn’t the one who brought the rumors to the show in Season 6.

Osefo used their past relationships to attack Gizelle and Dixon in recent episodes. Gizelle’s failed relationships are a major topic of controversy on the show. She made peace with Jamal, her cheating ex-husband, during Season 4. Then she called it quits before Season 5. Gizelle said that the couple split because they were unable to have a long-distance relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her co-stars, as well as viewers, believe that the breakup was caused by rumors about Jamal being a drug addict. Gizelle was also speculated to have faked the relationship.

Robyn was told one time by Osefo “You don’t even have a relationship to even care about, “Referring to Robyn’s current engagement to Juan. Juan and Robyn split after Juan’s infidelity became apparent and because of financial problems. Robyn is not a man Juan has been with, but she has. They remained together for their children’s sake and finally reconciled. Many believe that Juan is just settling down.

According to Osefo’s statement to Gizelle: Believes Gizelle’s failed relationships with men are the result of her failings in love. “God paying her back” For constantly interfering in the relationships of others.

In a recent conversation with The Jasmine BrandRobyn stated that she didn’t take Osefos comments lightly.

“I recently saw that clip and it’s so unfortunate that she chooses to use our divorces or unsuccessful relationships to insult us with, “She spoke. “I mean I’m sorry like 50 percent of America or people have gone through difficult relationships. And I really hope her relationship stays perfect because life is hard. Life is not perfect. And so to use that as some sort of insult or a dagger, it’s really not becoming of her.”

Robyn was open about how Osefo caught her off-guard. Because she claims that she hasn’t said a single negative thing about Osefo and their marriage. Robyn believes Osefo’s comments are eye-opening because Osefo was the one who supported her and Juan getting back together.

“And honestly, as far as what I saw in that scene, I didn’t say anything about her relationship,” She went on. “I said…I guess whatever I said was I don’t believe it. So I don’t even understand why she would come at me like that because I never talked down on her relationship. It’s unfortunate. I think people play up to the fans. They want to say stuff to be shady and mean. But at the end of the day, we have to move forward and be friends. So when you see friends saying stuff like that, it’s like, wow. You’re showing who you really are.”

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