Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Rinna Finds A Hotter And Younger Boyfriend For Amelia Hamlin!

Lisa Rinna has the ability to manifest. She’s holding out hope that her daughter Amelia Hamlin will move on from Scott Disick with someone else. The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsStar spent a few days with Harry Hamlin and her two daughters, Amelia (and Delilah) in Canada.

She was thrilled to see her children again and have them with her. Rinna is feeling like an empty nester now that her daughters have started their new lives. Now, Rinna must deal with her daughters’ new relationships. Scott Disick, the ex-husband of Kourtney Kardashian’s 20-year old daughter, has been her boyfriend since then.

However, Rinna feels she should’ve dated another Kardashian ex, as previously mentioned.

RHOBHStar wants Amelia Hamlin and Harry Styles to be together

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Rinna Finds A Hotter And Younger Boyfriend For Amelia Hamlin!

In a previous episode of the Bravo series, Lisa Rinna shared her thoughts about Amelia’s relationship with Scott. She agrees that he’s much too old for her daughter. She wishes her daughter would choose to be with someone else than a father-of-three. Rinna is doing her best to support the relationship, but it’s all that she can think about.

The reality star said she’s happy with Delilah’s relationship with Love Island alum Eyal Booker. But she “can’t say the same” Amelia. She wishes that she would’ve Date Instead, a famous Kardashian ex was chosen. Rinna can imagine Amelia with Harry Styles, a younger, hotter man than Kendall Jenner.

“Like, why can’t it be Harry Styles? Why the f*** is it Scott Disick?”She exclaimed during her interview.

It would be a mature relationship. Amelia and Harry could look stunning together. Rinna is disappointed to learn that Harry is currently dating Olivia Wilde. Since January 2021, the two have been romantically involved.

Lisa Rinna demonstrates her ability to manifest.

Lisa Rinna shared her experience on Instagram on Sunday, September 5. Photo Harry Styles kissing at a concert. She is working hard to manifest her powers. Rinna didn’t include a caption to the photo, but her friends and fans knew exactly what she was thinking. This was her reaction to Scott Disick’s exposure on social media.

Kyle Richards said, “Hehehe,” While Michael Anthony wrote: “🪄Manifestation WORKS!! 😂”Brooke Lynn Hytes gasped for breath and wrote. “LISA 😂😂😂”One fan quoted Rinna in writing. “😂😂😂 Why couldn’t it be Harry Styles 😂😂😂”Another user was added “Bye Scott.”

Younes Benjima was the first to expose the truth. KUWTKstar. Scott DME’d him to discuss his ex, Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney was seen kissing Travis Barker while in Italy. Scott couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but Younes only wished them happiness. He didn’t want to get involved in the drama, but he did take the opportunity to expose Scott on Instagram.

Rinna hopes her youngest daughter will leave Scott behind. According to Rinna, Scott is the heir apparent. Flip it Like DisickKourtney’s relationship with him isn’t over. Even though he’s dating a hot, young model, he’s still thinking about her and following her every move. Kourtney, Travis, and Amelia looked gorgeous these days.

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