Blake Shelton Abandoned by Country Stars Nashville For Going Hollywood!

Has Blake Shelton He has become distant from his country roots. According to one tabloid, Shelton is now in Hollywood. Gossip Cop investigates.

Blake Shelton is a Celebrity ‘Total Hollywood Makeover’?

In the spring of this year, OK! Blake Shelton reported that he had lost touch with his old fans. Ever since Shelton moved into a $13.2 million L.A. mansion with Gwen Stefani, he’s supposedly fallen out of favor with other, more grounded country stars. An insider dished, “He’s gotten pretty cocky and boasts about being friends with A-listers like Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jennifer Lopez. Of course, people know they’re really Gwen’s pals.”

The outlet notes that Shelton’s song “Minimum Wage” was met with backlash. Shelton was accused of being dismissive of people who are facing financial hardships during the economic pandemic. According to the source Shelton “has made himself pretty unpopular.”The tipper adds: “The guy has no idea how insensitive he can be. Everyone’s hoping he’ll somehow get back to his Oklahoma roots.”

Blake Shelton Abandoned by Country Stars Nashville For Going Hollywood!

Blake Shelton ‘Too Cool For Country’What?

It’s obvious this story was simply meant to insult Shelton. The entire article is entitled “Blake’s Big Head,” and the magazine doesn’t pull its punches. The magazine calls the country a star “cocky,” “tone-deaf,” He claims his friends from the past “cringe” Look at him now. The magazine doesn’t actually try to inform its readers about Shelton’s lifestyle and instead spends the majority of the article criticizing him for living in LA. It also misses important context.

Sure, Shelton is wealthier than when his career first kicked off, but he’s still country at heart. Shelton enjoys spending his free time on his 1,300-acre Oklahoma Ranch. He also owns a chain of Restaurants that feature country music over the south. His song is still a hit. “Minimum Wage” faced some backlash but it was successful Other artists from other countries have been honored. It’s obvious the ones behind this article knew very little about Shelton to begin with, which makes it hard to trust anything it says.

The Tabloid on Blake Shelton

We wouldn’t trust OK! Shelton can be found everywhere. Gwen Stefani is the tabloid’s constant nitpick. Earlier this year, the outlet claimed Shelton and Stefani were at each other’s throats over how to decorate their LA mansion. The tabloid reported that Shelton was now a “black woman”. “groomzilla” Their wedding. And more recently, the outlet claimed Shelton was at odds with Stefani’s ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. Evidently, the magazine is not well-informed about the facts.

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