Nokia 3310 was swallowed by a man and is visible in the X-ray

The 33-year-old was rescued by doctors in Kosovo, Balkans after his phone became lodged in his stomach. The phone was too big for him to swallow, and his life was in jeopardy.

A man swallowed a whole mobile phone and required medical attention.

The 33-year old man swallowed a Nokia 3310 phone that was made by the Finnish company in the early 2000s.

After the phone got lodged in his stomach, doctors in Kosovo (a Balkan state) had to help him.

Nokia 3310 was swallowed by a man and is visible in the X-ray

This bizarre item is believed to be one among many that people swallow, despite having small buttons and batteries.

Reports claim that the phone was stolen. “too large for him to digest”And his life was in peril because of the possibility that its corrosive batteries acid had leaked into his stomach.

Skender Teljaku, the medical team leader, shared photos of the phone after its removal on Facebook. He also shared images from the X-ray and endoscope while it was inside.

The foreign object was removed without cutting into the stomach. He did this by removing it in three pieces using endoscopy.

He was happy with the outcome of the surgery and stated that there were no complications. “no complications” With the operation.

Nokia 3310 was swallowed by a man and is visible in the X-ray

Local media reported that the man went to Pristina hospital because he was experiencing pains after swallowing his handset.

Other reports have also reported that people have swallowed mobile phones. 2014 case study 35-year-old drunken man tried to swallow their phone and put it in their throat. It was then removed surgically.

Another patient, a 29-year old woman, swallowed her phone in 2016. The phone was found in the patient’s stomach, and after many hours of vomiting, doctors were able to remove it.

According to The British Society of Gastroenterology, most foreign bodies swallowed by people are spontaneously passed.

Nokia 3310 was swallowed by a man and is visible in the X-ray

In 10–20% of cases, however, endoscopic removal would be required and 1% could require surgical extraction or treatment of a complication.

According to the organisation, common items that were swallowed were buttons, coins, plastic items, batteries and bones.

Nokia 3310 phones were announced for the first time in September 2000. They are a successor to 3210.


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