‘Prey’: ‘Predator’ Star Jesse Ventura Praises Hulu Prequel


Jesse Ventura is a thinker “Prey” star Amber Midthunder “ain’t got time to bleed.”

The actor who starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987’s original film “Predator,” expressed his praise for the franchise’s latest entry, calling the prequel a “wonderful film.”

“Great, great film,”Ventura tweeted Saturday evening to highlight Midthunder’s performance. “Welcome to the Predator family. [Director Dan Trachtenberg] thank you for making such a thoughtful, creative and wonderful film.”

Midthunder, Trachtenberg received the approval stamp from the “Predator” actor and former governor of Minnesota, expressing their gratitude for Ventura’s praise.

“Thank you sir! Thanks for watching and so glad you appreciated what we did!!” Trachtenberg AnsweredVentura.

“I just… I don’t how to… thank you,”Midthunder WriteShe was stunned by her response.

“Prey”The Hulu debut made quite a splash this weekend. The “Predator”Prequel has been met with enthusiastic reviews. The film received a 91% approval score from the top critics at review-aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes. Fans are also enjoying the film and expressing their appreciation on social media for the fresh take on the action movie.

“Prey”Transpose “Predator”To the Great Plains in 1700s. Naru (Midthunder), Comanche woman, is following her as she attempts to prove herself as a hunter. Naru must join her brother, Dakota Beavers, to defeat a dreadlocked alien who makes contact with Naru and starts killing for sport.

The film is the first “Predator”Entry to debut outside of theaters. Trachtenberg however has stated that the streaming release plan did in fact not restrict the production from creating a cinematic experience worthy of the franchise. Beavers spoke with Variety to discuss the film’s prominent Native American representation.

“I saw certain people talking before the previews came out about, ‘How are these people with sticks and rocks supposed to be able to defeat the Predator?’” Beavers said. “They were very capable people… A lot was going on in North America before written history for these people. It was a pretty hoppin’ area. And they were pretty skilled people. Just because it was a little bit different than their neighbors across the pond, doesn’t mean they were inept.”

“Prey”Hulu is streaming it now


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