Police called for vandalism by Mom because children were playing hopscotch using chalk!

Sarah was shocked to hear that the police and her local housing association had called Sarah. “unhappy neighbor “Angry at the “vandalism”

A mother claims that police were called to report vandalism after they used chalk to play hopscotch.

Sarah Goodwin claimed that three of her children and friends had used chalk for the traditional walkaway game.

Sarah was shocked to hear that the police and her local housing association had called Sarah. “unhappy neighbor “Angry at the “vandalism”

She posted about the incident on Facebook and was shocked that someone would offend a group innocently enjoying the final days of summer.

Sarah, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, posted on the group Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas. “How do you feel about children chalking on the pavement? Nothing offensive.

Freya Goodwin and her sister Lyra Goodwin were outside their Newport home when the police arrived.

“My children are 6, 9, and 13, plus their friends. Hopscotch, tracks for scooters, drawing around themselves and it completely washed away a few days later.

“Housing and police were made aware of the complaints. I felt that kids spending time outside were better than being glued to screens.”

She received hundreds of supportive comments, revealed her kids and others in her neighborhood had been back out with the chalk since the anonymous complaints were made.

Newport Pagnell Road, Bucks. Police were called there after chalk was used in hopscotch.

She continued: “After their first day at school, and playing at the parks, they went out to chalk some more yesterday.”

She continued: “They laughed lots and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Loved the community spirit it brought.

‘I’m sorry but anyone who thinks this needs to be complained about has a serious problem.”

After sharing her post about the negative reaction, she received hundreds upon hundreds of comments offering support.

Sarah Goodwin at her Newport home, where the chalk marks are made

Gemma Collins wrote the following: “Shame on you for letting your kids enjoy themselves out in the fresh air with a bit of innocent chalking. Seriously though, I actually can’t believe somebody complained about this. Don’t let some idiot spoil your fun.”

Su Gooderham wrote: “Some people need to get a grip, children chalking soon washes away.”

Victoria Louise also added: “Kids can’t do anything anymore. Can’t believe the police have been involved over a natural material.

Clare Warnes agreed that children need to have fun as they did when they were younger.

“It doesn’t have to be offensive, I don’t see any problem with it being washed away by the rain.

“Let the kids have fun we used to do it when we were younger.”

To play hopscotch, children used chalk marks

The PCSO had apparently informed Sarah that children who were able to chalk games like hopscotch or ‘What Time Is It Mr. Wolf’ onto the road could be deemed criminal damage, but did not pursue further action.

Sarah believes that a neighbor reported her two daughters, Lyra, 6, and Freya (13 years old) to the police. Eli is nine years old. “graffiti”.

Thames Valley Police spokesmen said that no logs were kept for Sarah’s particular address.

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