People are just realizing three Wi-Fi ‘speed hacks’ give you instant signal upgrade that save you time and money

Save money by trying out these 3 simple tips before you pay more for faster internet speeds or buy Wi-Fi extender equipment.

Often, you can improve Wi-Fi speeds at home simply by following the best router practices.

Wi-Fi routers can be temperamental and you should make sure yours is serving you in the best way it can


Your Wi-Fi Router should be working at its best.Credit: Getty

Try these three tricks that will improve Wi-Fi’s speed.


Make sure that the Wi-Fi router in your home is located centrally.

Keep away from any metal items or devices that emit competing signals.

Avoid hiding the router behind a cabinet or furniture.

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Keep it out of windows to ensure that the WiFi signal stays in your home.


Your router’s settings page should show all the internet traffic occurring in your household.

Many routers provide a list with the devices connected to your network, and their data usage.

Remove any device that is not yours from the network.

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Consider changing your password regularly and ensuring that you use a secure router.

You should be able to access your router settings easily online.

You can find the instructions on your router to determine how you should proceed.


You may qualify for a free replacement if you have rented your Wi-Fi Router from your Internet Service Provider.

Call the provider, explain what’s wrong and find out if a new one is available.

You may want to upgrade your routers so they’re compatible with all of the gadgets in your home.

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