Over a third (33%) of all flights to and from the UK were delayed last year

According to a new report, more than one-third of UK flights were delayed in the last year.

The Civil Aviation Authority stated that these delays continue to get longer.

More than a third of flights in and out of the UK last year were delayed, a report shows


According to a study, more than one third of UK flights were delayed in the last year.Credit to Reuters

Thirty-seven per cent of flights were at least 15 minutes late — up from 17 per cent in 2020 and 2021, and 25 per cent in 2019.

The average delay hit 22 minutes last year — 60 per cent longer than 2019.

21% of all flights were cancelled in May and June, as the sector couldn’t recruit sufficient staff to meet rising demand.

Glasgow had 2.5% of all cancelled flights, Heathrow was at 1.7%.

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More than 224million passengers passed through UK airports last year — still well down on pre-pandemic levels but “giving the industry a well-needed boost”.

Anna Bowles, head of CAA consumers, stated that “more than three-fold more people flew to and from UK airports in the last year than 2021. This demonstrates a clear desire by consumers to go back to travel after Covid restrictions were removed. It also gives industry an important boost following a hard few years.

“The rebound in passenger numbers was sometimes overshadowed in some cases by the problems that the aviation industry faced in the first summer 2022 which witnessed an unacceptable amount of cancellations, delays and flight cancellations.

“We anticipate increased resilience, continued improvement in performance and greater comfort for airlines in 2023. It will provide passengers with the best experience and confidence they can return to flying.”

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