Now You Can Visit the Newly Renovated ‘Edward Scissorhands’ House.

Now You Can Visit the Newly Renovated 'Edward Scissorhands' House.Two fans who love Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands now own the Lutz, Florida home where portions of the movie were filmed and are now sharing their home with other fans. Joey and Sharon Licalzi bought the home in September 2020 and are now ready to offer tours of what they call “Scissorland.” Edward Scissorhands hit theaters in 1990 and remains a family classic.

The home was used in Edward Scissorhands as the home of Kim Boggs, played by Winona Ryder, and her mother, played by Diane Wiest. In August 2020, TMZ reported the home was up for sale, with an asking price of $224,000. A month later, TMZ reported that fans bought the home for $6,000 above the asking price. Now those fans, the Licalzis, have come forward and are ready to show off their work in the past year. They shared photos of the display of movie-used memorabilia they collected with TMZ on Sunday.

Now You Can Visit the Newly Renovated 'Edward Scissorhands' House.


Some of the pieces were donated by neighbors who lived in the area when Edward Scissorhands was filmed. One neighbor gave them one of the license plates they used to cover their real plates during production. Joey, who was a dishwasher on the set of the movie, said he also has a pair of scissors Johnny Depp used in the movie and a pack of cigarettes Depp left behind. Although some renovating was done in the house, he said the couple kept the original kitchen cabinets seen in the film.

In an interview with WFLA, Joey said they only bought the home after their offers across the street were rejected. Then, the Edward Scissorhands home came on the market. After TMZ reported the home was up for sale, offers came in from around the world, but the seller eventually chose the Licalzis after increasing their offer twice. They later decided to turn the home into a free museum, and Sharon added topiaries similar to those in the movie outside the house. They also gave the house new paint outside and a colorful garden. Once the cooler weather comes, they plan even to host screenings of the movie in their backyard.Now You Can Visit the Newly Renovated 'Edward Scissorhands' House.

Sharon later met the original owner of the home, who shared “amazing” stories about the film’s production. “So we met a new friend, and she’s promising to come back with more gifts and just different memorabilia and pictures, so we’re pretty excited,” Sharon told WFLA. The original owner provided them with the unique piece of memorabilia in the home, a piece of the original mushroom kitchen wallpaper seen in the film.

If you want to tour Scissorland, you need to make reservations at the link on the Licalzis’ Instagram page. Tours are free. The couple did recently launch a GoFundMe account to help cover legal fees. Still, they appear to be enjoying the media attention their home has received, even posting a Daily Mail headline on Sunday.

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