New Theories on General Hospitals Is Esme Prince Daughter Of A Real Monster ?

General Hospital spoilers hint Esme Prince could have significant ties to Port Charles, and viewers have plenty of theories. She blew into town, ready to flaunt her relationship with Spencer Cassadine. However, she’s up to more than just being a supportive girlfriend. Who is Esme really?

New Theories on General Hospitals Is Esme Prince Daughter Of A Real Monster ?

Esme Has A Major Interest In Ryan Chamberlain

After she first popped up in Port Charles, Esme’s curiosity about Ryan’s situation became apparent. She seemed to know a fair amount about his condition, but she tried to play things off as if she was simply curious. Could there be a biological reason she’s so determined to learn more?

Esme mentioned during a recent episode of General Hospital she was adopted. Does she know who her biological parents are? Could she be seeking a relationship with her biological mother or father, or perhaps looking for revenge for the fact they didn’t raise her?

Some viewers speculate Esme is Ryan’s biological daughter. “If Esme really is Ryan’s bio-daughter… then they BETTER make her birth mother somebody we know too,” one fan tweeted. A biological connection between Ryan and Esme could certainly explain her determination to go after Ava, considering his obsession with her.

Who Could Esme’s Biological Mother Be?

Whether or not Ryan is Esme’s biological father, General Hospital fans wonder about her biological mother too. Will it be someone viewers know? It turns out there are a few theories regarding this floating around.

Could it be that Olivia Jerome is Esme’s mother? Liv hasn’t been around in a while, but that connection could spark intriguing storyline twists and turns. “Esme being Olivia’s daughter would be brilliant,” one General Hospital viewer tweeted. “I’ve always wanted Liv Jerome to have a daughter, and that would be [a] wonderful reason to bring Tonja Walker back as Olivia Jerome. It could happen.”

“Esme as Olivia Jerome’s daughter would definitely explain the animus towards Ava as it isn’t just about money & high life as she said to Spencer was her motivation. It comes across more personal,” another fan noted.

Gh Ryan Chamberlain Youtube
Gh Ryan Chamberlain Youtube

General Hospital Fans Have Plenty Of Theories

There are other possibilities, of course. For example, some General Hospital fans wonder if perhaps Heather Webber and Ryan might have had a child or if Esme could somehow be a grandchild of one of them. Could Esme turn out to be Ava’s daughter somehow, or Julian Jerome’s? It has not gone unnoticed that Esme resembles the supposedly dead Nelle Benson, both in looks and personality. It wouldn’t work for Esme to be Nelle’s daughter, but viewers shouldn’t discount the possibility of some connection there.

Regardless of who is tied to Esme, General Hospital spoilers tease lots of drama ahead. Esme clearly has an agenda, and whatever she’s up to is much more than what Spencer realizes. Will the answers that emerge be predictable and boring or intriguing and surprising? Fans are certainly eager to learn more.

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