The Story Behind An Aggressive Dog That Saved The Day

My child was attacked by an aggressive dog when she was left outside for a second time. I called Animal Control on it, but then we discovered a truth I never imagined. After a horrible divorce, I moved to a new area to start over. April, my daughter, was only two years old when we decided to make it our own.

One day, April and I were enjoying the sun on our front lawn when my phone rang. My phone got left inadvertently. April was fine. There was no one there. so I rushed to retrieve it and couldn’t find it. While looking for it, I heard aggressive barking and ran outside, shouting April’s name. My neighbor’s dog was just beside my daughter.

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“Get away from her, Mutt!”, it was so loud that I shouted at it. “Ollie, how did you get out?!”I heard Irina my neighbor running toward us. “Is everyone ok?”

“No, your dog attacked my daughter when I took my eyes off her for a second,” I replied, “a little calmer” because April was okay. “OMG! I’m so sorry, Laura. That’s so rare. Ollie is amazing with kids. I don’t understand. I even heard it when he broke his leash,” Irina spoke.

“Well, he wasn’t barking when I came outside. But there was no one else outside,” I was able to reply. “Again, I’m so sorry. Maybe Ollie spooked her. I’m going to buy him a new leash right now,” Irina promised. She was a lovely lady who looked good and responsible. April didn’t have any bite marks or scratches.

So maybe the dog barked at a squirrel, and she got scared. I returned her call and took her inside. That night I put April to her bed and went to sleep. I woke up to the sound of barking. At first, I thought I had dreamt it, but I quickly realized it came from April’s room.

I rushed to see Ollie clutching April’s blanket in its mouth. I was furious. I immediately called Animal Control. I was just finishing the call when Irina arrived at my house. “Hello? Laura? Is Ollie here? What happened?” she called.

The Story Behind An Aggressive Dog That Saved The Day

“Yes, your dog is here. I’m sorry, Irina. But this can’t happen again. I just called Animal Control, and they’re coming by. Your dog is too aggressive, and you can’t seem to keep it in your house,” I was angry at her.

“No, Laura! No! Ollie is a sweet dog. He would never hurt your daughter. There must be something going on,” Laura pleaded, but I didn’t want to listen to her. Animal Control visited her and spoke with her. They were forced to take her dog, as I had reported it. They locked Ollie in a cage inside their car.

We heard April crying before they could get on the road. Ollie started barking from the cage inside the van. I ran in and saw Frank, my ex-husband. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” I screamed at him. Frank was a nightmare. My divorce was terrible. He was both emotionally and physically abusive.

When I became pregnant, I knew I had to escape him. He didn’t like it. He was finally defeated by April and me. “YOU CAN’T KEEP MY CHILD FROM ME!”Frank shouted at me while holding my baby too tightly. Irina and officers from Animal Control entered the room. “Sir, I’m going to ask you to let go of that baby,” one officer stated.

“YOU DON’T GET TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO! THIS IS MY CHILD, AND I’M TAKING HER WITH ME!” Frank shouted once more. “I’m calling 911,”Irina spoke. “Please, Frank. Let go of April. You’re going to hurt her,” I spoke as calmly and clearly as possible. I wanted her to feel safe.

“NO! I wanted to take her earlier, but that stupid dog has already thwarted my plans twice today. I’m going!”Frank said it and walked toward the window. Frank was relieved to hear sirens approaching and panicked.

The Story Behind An Aggressive Dog That Saved The Day

April fell on April’s crib, and he jumped through the window. As Animal Control officers pursued him, I raced to check on my baby. Frank ran, but he didn’t get very far before the police caught him.

I thanked them profusely and promised to go to the station to file charges against my ex-husband. Irina was conversing with Animal Control officers. “Well, ma’am. It seems clear that this dog was actually protecting your child. I’m letting him go,”One officer stated.

Ollie leapt out of the van to go to Irina. “Irina, I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much. Ollie saved my baby!”I began to cry and said, “I will do it!”

“I knew Ollie couldn’t have hurt her, and I’m glad he got away to protect her twice,” she said. “I forgive you, Laura. Don’t worry. I know you were protecting your baby.”

“Thank you. Thank you, Ollie. You’re the best boy in the world. You’re our hero,” I said this, reaching down to hold April in my arms and praising him. Ollie smiled at her and laughed. That dog is the best.

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