NBA fans react when LaMelo’s new watch looks as if it was retrieved from the bottom of an ocean

ATHLETES have long been known for the outrageous jewelry they wear, but LaMelo Ball takes it to a new level.

Charlotte Hornets’ star, 21, has apparently bought a watch with a unique design that gives new meaning to ‘iced-out’.

Ball made 36 appearances for the Hornets this season


Ball played 36 games for the Hornets in this seasonCredit: Getty
Fans flocked to Twitter to give their take on his new watch


Twitter was flooded with comments from fans about his new watchCredit: Twitter/overtime

Designer to the Stars posted on Instagram ZoFrostThe watch is adorned with a golden bird and jewel-encrusted strap in gold.

There is ‘MELO – the word on the dial – and a full cover of jewels.

Around the dial there are spikes that are decorated with jewels. Each one is topped off by one big one.

Fans have not been impressed, as one person tweeted that it looks like Ball got “that” from the bottom the ocean.

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One said, “Spikey Turtle from Super Mario Brothers Watch.”

While another stuck with the Mario Bros. trend, saying: “Man’s got an iced out Bowser on his wrist”

As one added simply: “That’s a very interesting timepiece”

Ball has yet to reveal the exact value of his watch, but given the fact that he is expected to earn under $11million in this season’s NBA, we are confident he can pay for it.

After suffering a right ankle fracture in February, the 2022 All-Star played only 36 games during this season.

Ball stated in April that the team is looking to rebound next season. Hornets: “It’s a big summer and I’m just trying to get back healthy.

“I’m looking forward to next season. Listen to the coaches and take it from there.

Ball is no stranger to the finer things in life


Ball knows how to enjoy the finer aspects of life/LeMelo Ball

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