My role in a Netflix show was not well paid, so I kept my regular job.

DIANE Guerrero revealed that she was required to continue her “normal” job while starring in Orange Is The New Black.

Diane Ramos who portrayed Maritza on Netflix’s hit show has revealed how she juggles a second role while appearing in the Netflix favorite.

Diane Guerrero on The IMDb show in 2019


Diane Guerrero will be on The IMDb in 2019Credit: Getty
Diane depicted Maritza Ramos on the show


Diane portrays Maritza Ramos in the showCredit Handout

The show’s success didn’t appear to be reflected in the salaries paid to its stars, despite the fact that it had reportedly scored 105 million views on streaming services.

Diane told us that, after landing her role in the film, she needed to continue working at a bar. The New Yorker: “How could you tell this complete stranger how much you’re getting paid for being on a television show?

“Because everyone’s reaction would be, like, ‘Oh, my God, I love you on that show! But also, what are you doing here?’ It was this incredulity that was teetering on offensive.”

Diane’s Maritza character is a stylish character, and just like the actress who played her character she was originally a waitress.

Where the child stars or Orange Is the New Black are now nine years on
Kate Mulgrew unrecognisable nine years on from Orange Is The New Black debut

Maritza, however, was also an acrobat and conned many of her clients, which led to her eventual imprisonment.

Maritza is also the protagonist of Maritza’s storyline. In it, she discovers that her original birthplace was Columbia and not New York.

She discovers that her mother had brought her from Colombia in an undocumented state as a baby. As a result of this, she has been deported back to Colombia.

Seven seasons of US drama comedy series following the Litchfield prisoners.

Fans were disappointed when the show came to an abrupt end in July 2019.

Many fans have continued to follow the lives of the cast members since the end of the series.

Orange Is The New Black ran for seven seasons


Orange Is The New Black was on for seven yearsCredit Handout
The show reportedly scored 105M views on the popular streaming service


The popular streaming platform reportedly recorded 105M views for the showCredit: AP

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