Michael Che Counters Kanye West’s Offer to Double His ‘SNL’ Salary to Stop Working With Pete Davidson With a List of Demands

Kanye West went on another social media rant over the weekend, this time targeting “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson. In his posting spree, West offered fellow “SNL” fixture Michael Che a payout, so he wouldn’t work with Davidson anymore — but Che needs a little more than that.

In a now deleted post, West offered to double Che’s salary, writing, “I’LL DOUBLE WHATEVER THEY PAYING YOU JUST SO YOU DONT HAVE TO LOOK AT THAT PAWN EVER AGAIN BIG LOVE.” Shortly thereafter, the Weekend Update host replied on Instagram with a lengthy list of demands.

“Sorry Ye, but I would never betray my friends,” Che wrote on a legal pad — before adding his stipulations. “For anything less than triple salary.”

Kanye West, Michael Che (Getty Images)

Che went on to joke that tripling his salary would only be $90k a year, but added that he’d want “full medical, full dental, 4 weeks vacay, corner office” and a slew of other things. You can check out his full list below.

Che’s choice to write his response on a notepad appears to be a method of poking fun at West as well, mocking the photo West posted alongside his offer to Che, showing himself holding a notepad with Sunday’s date on it, as proof that his posts weren’t the result of his account being hacked.

Kanye West, Michael Che (Getty Images)

To cap off his post, Che promised that if West were to fulfill his demands, “I’ll Rambo that whole building!”

Che added no caption to the post, and it is currently the only post on his Instagram feed.

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