Mexico Police Called By Woman to Arrest Neighbor for Hanging Her Underwear Out in the Garden!

Thinking that her husband was set to be taken over by her apparent next-door seductress neighbor, a wife decided to finally take action. She called the police to take care of her unlawful neighbor once and for all. 

In the Quintana Roo state of Mexico, Yuvitza E took offense to her 23-year-old next-door neighbor’s laundry routine. The 42-year-old decided to call law enforcement to amend the situation.

Speaking to the police, she informed them that she viewed her neighbor’s actions as highly immoral and indecent. According to Yuvitza, this woman was trying to entice her husband by hanging up her underwear in clear view.

Yuvitza alleged this neighbor was intentionally doing so on a Saturday, which is the one day her spouse doesn’t go to work. The aggravated chose to take legal action specifically because, she asserted, this was a repetitive incident.

Yuvitza claimed that she believes this neighbor has nefarious intentions and, according to the official complaint, that her husband is complicit in these actions.

Yuvitza claimed she had seen her spouse looking through the window at these undergarments multiple times. Law enforcement did visit the residence out of curiosity.

However, they advised this incensed wife to engage in dialogue with the 23-year-old and her husband rather than file a legal complaint.

The institution eventually apologized via Twitter.

The officers informed Yuvitza that there was no legal precedent for her claim. As a result, they could not take action against the accused neighbor.

This 23-year-old is not the only woman judged for how she conducts herself in her attire. A medical student known as @TheGradMedic was penalized for wearing an allegedly improper dress to her exam.

The Newcastle University expressed that the dress, tight but covering her knees, was “the most inappropriate dress” they “had ever seen.” The student took to Twitter, sharing a picture of her attire, and asked users what they thought.

Her tweet became viral. One commenter was puzzled as to why these allegedly sexist practices are still being practiced in 2021.

Eventually, the institution apologized via Twitter. They asserted that some of the comments surrounding her attire were lodged by a “role-play patient” during the OSCE exam.

The University claimed that the yellow student card had been canceled. However, @TheGradMedic claimed that the apology was not completely sincere.

She claimed that her attire was not inappropriate because of the role-play patient. The conversation surrounding women and their clothes rages on as society grapples with this controversial subject.

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