Marvel Actor Wilson Bethel Almost Got Selected for the Lead Role in The O C He Plays Daredevil!

Wilson Bethel, nowadays, is more popularly known for his role on Marvel’s Daredevil, but the actor reveals he almost earned his first big break playing in The O.C. Bethel was interviewed by The Testimony podcast about his audition, testing, and losing the role of Ryan Atwood. Ben McKenzie got the part.

“One of the first auditions that I got through this agent was for The O.C., for the pilot,” Bethel spoke in the video. “I ended up testing for Ben’s role. It was like the craziest thing because, after that, I would not test for another role for, like, years. So, it was like this total fluke thing that happened.”

” I have such vivid memories of that whole experience because, at the time, it was like this whole other universe to me. But, going into Warner Bros. I remember Misha was there in the waiting room. They had flown her in from New York and then there was this other dude who had more bracelets and necklaces and things than I could possibly count –– who was not Ben.”

“I remember them bringing out the contracts because when you test for a pilot, they make you sign your contract of what you would be getting paid before you go in and audition. To a 19-year-old kid who’s never made more than roughly minimum wage, plus tips, that was insane,” He went on. “I remember looking at the $18,000 like this is more money than I can even wrap my head around. Anyway, I sign the contract, I go in. I fit up. I don’t get the part. And then I go back to my normal life of waiting tables and doing catering jobs.”

But he was given another opportunity to appear on the show. Bethel was later cast as Brad, a water polo player with a crush on Summer. Rachel Bilson played the role. He asks Summer to be his partner in the school’s kissing booth, right before Seth (Adam Brody), declared his love for him. The CW’s Hart of Dixie would see Bilson again as Bethel’s star. Bethel is currently a star on CBS’ All Rise.

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