Live-Action Movie on ‘Voltron’ in the Productions with Rawson Marshall Thurber

For decades, Hollywood has strived — and failed — to assemble the massive robot mecha “Voltron”This live-action adaptation is based on the popular 1980s animated TV series.

Get it now “Red Notice” director Rawson Marshall Thurber hopes he’ll be the one to bring the robot lion arms, legs, and head together.

He also directed Dwayne-Johnson films. “Skyscraper”And “Central Intelligence,”Attached to direct or co-write “Voltron”Movie in a Package – Multiple studios are currently offering packages. Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman“Beauty and the Beast”) are producing with Bob Koplar of World Events Productions, the company that holds the “Voltron” rights.

Thurber will be collaborating with Ellen Shanman to write the screenplay.

The original “Voltron”Although it ran from 1984-1985, it captured the imagination of young audiences. It was about five people fighting evil in giant robotic robot lions. They then join together to create the bigger titular robot warrior. It was loosely adapted from Japanese sci-fi. “Beast King GoLion”And then from “Armored Fleet Dairugger XV,”World Events wrote new stories, dialogue and vehicles (15 instead of five). The show was re-aired three times: 1998 for syndication; 2011 for Nicktoons; and 2016 for Netflix.

There have been several attempts to mount live-action. “Voltron”Movies in the 2000s and 2010, including those of Mark Gordon and Pharrell Williams, were unsuccessful. Later, Relativity Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment also failed to make movies.

This may not be Thurber’s next project; he’s also set to make back-to-back sequels to “Red Notice,” which according to Netflix is the streamer’s most watched original movie ever.

The Hollywood Reporter is the first reportedThis is the story.

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