Law and Order: SVU’s Newest Character Could Signify A New Era. I’m Ready

Law and Order: SVU’s Newest Character Could Signify A New Era. I'm Ready

Spoilers ahead to Episode 15 Law & Order: SVUSeason 23 is called “Promising Young Gentlemen.”

Law & Order: SVUIt was surprisingly enjoyable to get off to a good start CarisiFinally, RollinsHis mom was involved in the return of MiaShe is much happier than she was a few seasons ago. The episode turned for the criminal, not surprising, when it was set at Hudson University, where bad things are almost always guaranteed to happen. The introduction of LaChanzeAs President FreemanIt seems, however, that SVUCould transition into a new era at Hudson U. without worrying about the terrible things that could happen. 

The case of “Promising Young Gentleman”The incident involved a young girl being raped and being manipulated by an all-male secret society at Hudson University. It was enough to make Carisi able to add hate crimes charges to the rape case, but it was almost what Hudson fans would have expected. It is likely that Hudson will have to take hate crime charges. SVUHudson U is mentioned or featured because it’s a terrible event/is happening there. However, this may not be the case going forward. 

Hudson University is now headed by a new president. Although Freeman had to make sure that the school was protected and managed in-house as much as possible, it doesn’t appear like she will be a problem for Special Victims. This could complicate any investigation. She had words to say. Chief McGrath(who had been trying to change) was arrested by the whole secret society. Benson asked her about it and she replied that she wanted more transparency between the two sides. Benson answered: 

I couldn’t agree with you more and I know that your post is new. In the past, campus security was where rape allegations were put to death. Although I trust your intentions, it is important to remember that you are only one of many.

Benson doesn’t exaggerate her point by stating that there is “a lot of history”Special Victims has struggled to get the support of the Hudson administration when investigating assault cases. This could change, if Freeman holds true to her intents, as she stated to Benson.

I understand. I’m looking forward to a stronger relationship with Hudson than we have had in the past.

Benson quickly responded to the request “So do I,”This is my official opinion. It’s almost a running joke at this point – although certainly not a funny one, considering this is a show about heinous crimes and sexually-based offenses – that nothing good happens at Hudson University. Freeman could be more of an ally for Special Victims, and would really like to help stop assaults on campus. SVUHudson may see fewer cases of horrible things happen. I am all for it. 

With new episodes, find out if Freeman is the ally Benson needs to help him with Hudson U Of Law & Order: SVUon Thursdays at 9:59 p.m. ET on NBC, from the original Law & OrderAt 8 p.m. Law & Order: Organized CrimeThe 2022 TV Schedule will show the program at 10 p.m. Recall some of the days here. SVUThe complete series can be viewed online with a Peacock Premium subscription.

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