Lauren Goodger sends a touching message to her daughter, just weeks after the tragic death of her baby girl

LAUREN Goodger shared a heartfelt message with her daughter after she passed away just weeks after giving birth.

The actress from The Only Way Is Essex used Instagram to tell her fans that she “fell in love”Lorena, her infant daughter.

Lauren lost her baby daughter Lorena shortly after birth


Lauren lost Lorena her baby girl shortly after she was born.Credit: Dan Charity
She took to Instagram to pay tribute to her late daughter


She used Instagram to pay tribute her daughter

Lauren, 35, was elated about how much she loved her daughter. She died just minutes after she was born.

“I carried you, I felt you grow,”The reality TV star shared her stories with the help of the pregnancy, angel, and butterfly emojis.

“Longed for the day we’d meet. Dreamed of your future. Not only did I know you, I fell in love with you.”

Lauren shared her thoughts about the matter. “perfect” daughter Lorena passed away after birth in a tragic turn of events.

Lauren Goodger puts on brave face for Larose's first birthday after baby loss
I’ll never have another natural birth after baby's death, says Lauren Goodger

In a heartbreaking conversation with New magazine, she revealed that she still believes in the power of love. “has a bit of a bump”This has led her to believe that her baby girl is a trick. “still there”.

“I’ve still got a bit of a bump, this one’s not shifting,”She spoke of her recovery from the traumatizing birth of Lorena.

“It sometimes feels like she’s still there, it’s weird. My body feels like it’s unsettled, like it’s missing a newborn.”

Lauren shared how Lauren believes her umbilical chord was tied twice in the past. “rare”Turn of events.

Knots in the cord may restrict blood flow and oxygen supply to the baby. This can lead to serious injury or even stillbirth.

Lauren said, “No one knew anything about the knots in cord. All we were told was that it is very rare to have two knots.

“I was a low-risk pregnancy. There was no sign of any problems. A few hours before she was born, she was going to be absolutely fine, that’s what is so heartbreaking.”

Lauren put on an brave face last week as she celebrated Larose’s 1st birthday. She posed for photographs with her little girl.

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Lauren’s Towie friends Amy Childs and her daughter Polly showed up to support, with the star wearing curlers as she walked inside with her five year old.

Fellow reality stars Chloe and Amelia Goodman were also at the party and seen pushing their children in prams.

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