Mystikal Rapper is Being Charged for Several Disturbing Crimes

Mystikal Rapper is Being Charged for Several Disturbing Crimes

According to the report, Mystikal was detained and taken into custody just outside Baton Rouge in Louisiana. Associated PressHe is currently being held without bail on 10 separate charges. In a FacebookPost, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office stated that deputies responded on July 30 to a call from a local medical facility regarding a suspected sexual assault. “Detectives interviewed the victim who sustained minor injuries during the attack,”The post is as follows. “Through further investigation, Michael ‘Mystikal’ Tyler was identified as a suspect.”Tyler was charged with first-degree sexual assault and robbery. He also faces domestic abuse battery charges, which include strangulation, false imprisonment and simple criminal damage.

Joel Pearce was the attorney who represented Mystikal when he was accused of sexual assault. However, he told the AP that he had not been retained by Mystikal yet, but that they would meet soon to discuss the matter. After the meeting, the lawyer is expected to make a statement. Pearce believes that Mystikal will be released on bond after the hearing. He did say, however, “I’m expecting it to be a big bond.”

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