Kylie Jenner may have proved that she is pregnant with the brain

A few emojis are worth a thousand words—just ask Kylie Jenner.

That was what the 24-year-old said when she commented on a picture posted by her boyfriend Travis Scott. The 24th of July, “Sicko Mode”31-year old rapper shared a photo of himself InstagramCaptioning the photo “Got there in a New York minute.” This new post prompted Kylie—who shares 4-year-old daughter Stormi and a 5-month-old baby boy with Travis—to type out the top comment on the pic, which included four pregnant woman emojis.

What was Travis’ response to Kylie’s comment. Well, the musician proved his emoji game was just as savvy, with Travis adding three running men emojis with two clouds of smoke behind them—proving that he’s more than ready to run towards his girlfriend at any moment.

Fans couldn’t resist adding their speculation to Kylie after the flirty exchange. “Again?”One user mentioned the pregnant woman Emojis. A second added. “Oh golly gosh.”A third opinion was also offered. “Another already?”It’s important to note that Kylie’s expressions of emojis may be left as is.

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