Kevin Hart may have trolled Dwayne Johnson over his mom, but his impression of the rock working out was so priceless that even the actor shared it

Kevin Hart may have trolled Dwayne Johnson over his mom, but his impression of the rock working out was so priceless that even the actor shared it

Kevin Hart and The Rock share a history dating back almost ten years. They met in the first They teamed up in Central IntelligenceThis was followed by the JumanjiMovies and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. This comedy-action duo also has a long history of laughing at each other in good fun. Kevin Hart may be a recent addition to the comedy-action duo. Dwayne Johnson was trolled by his mom, but there are no hard feelings as The Rock felt Hart’s impression of the action star working out was so priceless that he even shared it.

Dwayne shared a video InstagramKevin Hart and he were asked where they were located “According to Google, what is Dwayne’s favorite song ever to work out to?”Hart has the answer “It’s Raining Men”He laughed as he displayed his impression to the laughter JumanjiHe is seen in the video with his co-star working out with a tight smile. We can’t say it’s an inaccurate impression, as the video shows examples of The Rock showing that same face while lifting weights. In Johnson’s caption, he wrote “Oh now I’m the only dude who thinks ‘It’s Raining Men’ is a great workout song! @kevinhart4real you’re an asshole, but this was very funny. My brother Kev doing my ugly workout face is game over.”Check out the hilarious video below.

The previous trolling banter was when Extra interviewed The Rock and revealed that he had purchased a home for his mother. While The Wedding Ringer star was touched by his co-star’s generous gift to his mom, he couldn’t help but roast that decision by noting that Johnson waited until “a billion dollars later”He wanted to buy his mom’s house and that “it’s about fucking time.” While laughing through Hart’s digs, The Rock did have to give some clarification that this home he got his mom was one of several homes he bought over the years for her after his parent’s divorced. Of course, Hart’s. Central Intelligence Co-star laughed at the jokes “Open your eyes, mom!”

These two can be a mess with each others without ruining their friendship. It was actually a past practice. The former wrestler who impersonated Kevin Hart first when he did an impression of Hart making fun of his budding co-star’s signature arching eyebrow. The Rock’s impression of the Pennsylvania native’s speech pattern was on point! Another time, however, was the San AndreasStar While on the set of, he continued to pull pranks Jumanji: Welcome in the JungleWhen he threw an imitation spider on his terrified co-star. The funny thing is that he didn’t even try to throw a fake spider at his co-star. FatherhoodDwayne Johnson was also mocked by actor Sharing a hilarious video of how he trolled him. With the amount of clowning around these two indulge in, it’s no wonder Hart and Johnson have this budding chemistry in every movie they’re in.

The next movie with star power Kevin Hart and Dwayne John are DC League of Super-Pets, where Johnson voice Superman’s Labrador Retriever and Hart will voice Batman’s Boxer dog. This animated comedy features superpowered pets who must rescue Lex Luthor’s Justice League owners. With Jumanji 4We will be seeing you soonThis comedy-action duo may offer us another chance to re-team.

Despite all the roasting Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson took part in, They continue to work together because they’re “BFFs!”They have a great relationship with one another on and off-screen. It is important that they continue this wonderful relationship for the benefit and enjoyment of their audiences. In the animated movie, you can hear their voices as their superpowered animated characters. 2022 Release DC League of Super-Pets Coming to theaters and to you on July 29th HBO Max subscriptionLater in the year

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