Jennifer Lynton — Anthony Hopkins’ Ex-wife Was Married to Him for 29 Years

Jennifer Lynton, a young, ambitious woman from Sussex, England was shocked to learn that she had been asked to take Anthony Hopkins home. Learn more about the 29-year-old Hopkins’ affair with his ex-wife.

Jennifer Lynton wanted to work in the entertainment sector from a young age. She was an ambitious young woman who worked steadily her way up the ladder.

This was how she met her future husband. This was the beginning of a long-lasting relationship that would last almost 30 years.

Anthony Hopkins married Jennifer Lyntonat Barnes Methodist Church 13 January 1973.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Jennifer Lynton was raised in Rustington in Sussex and went to boarding school in Kent. As a teenager, she fell in love with Dirk Bogarde, a screenwriter and actor. She then decided to work in film.

She got a job at Rank Organisation as a publicist, where she was admired for her modesty and diligence. She was a fellow publicity woman Comment: “She was sugar-coating over flint – very mousey and average when you met her, a real goer underneath.”

Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Lynton, 18 December 1972, United Kingdom.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

She worked as a typist briefly for the company, but she stayed for nearly half a century. After this, she was hired as an intern at The. “Look at Life”Film documentary series.

However, she soon managed to maneuver her way up and get a job as a production assistant at Pinewood Studios – a career move that changed her life forever when the iconic actor Anthony Hopkins laid eyes on her.

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Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Lynton attend the 36th Annual Golden Globe Awards held in Beverly Hills. | Source: Getty Images


Lynton met Hopkins while working at Pinewood Studios. Lynton Hopkins and Hopkins have been married for over 50 years.The longestThey got married in 1973; divorced in 2002.

Hopkins had been drinking when they first met. Hopkins’ production company was helping with the movie. “Eight Bells Toll,”Hopkins was the star.

Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Lynton attend an unspecified event in an unspecified locale. | Source: Getty Images

Tedd Llyod was the production manager. She called her anxiously and she hadn’t made contact with Tedd Llyod. He needed her urgently to transport Leon Collins and the celebrity from Heathrow airport.

They had been drinking and missed their flight, while the production unit was on its way. After Lloyd warned her that Hopkins was erratic, Lynton went to pick Hopkins up. She met an aggressive, belligerent man. Strangely enough, Lynton made the decision to marry him after that meeting.

Hopkins got married at that time. His first wife, who was already estranged from him, Petronella Barker and his child. Abigail Hopkins is his only child. He and Lynton were officially divorcing in 1972.

Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Lynton attend the 36th Annual Golden Globe Awards, January 27, 1979.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Hopkins, who has a family history of alcohol abuse, stated that Lynton gave him some stability. It seems that he carried his substance abuse into the marriage.

They were living in different parts of the world by 1996. The actor claimed that their marriage was perfect because of the freedom it offered. Then, By 2002They officially divorced.

Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Lynton at the Variety Club Show Business awards, 1 February 1994.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Lynton was a young girl living in London and Sussex. She never realized her potential to work in film. She was still close with the stars, thanks to the companies that she worked for and her marriage to Hopkins (albeit a flawed one).

Lynton has chosen not to be seen by journalists or paparazzi since her split from her husband of stardom. Lynton seems to believe that Hopkins’ story is her true story.

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Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Lynton at the 68th Annual Academy Award in Los Angeles.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Hopkins claimed that he was unable to open his heart after the second marriage. However, Stella Arroyave, an actress, helped him find love again. In 2003, they met again. Although he felt better, he was still not comfortable trusting women and felt a little depressed.

Arroyave used to be an antique dealer before becoming an actress. Hopkins was the reason she first met Arroyave. The actor claimed that he was instantly taken by the Colombian native, as she immediately managed to touch his heart.

The bride carried a bouquet of Daffodils with her as she walked towards her husband on their wedding day. It was the same year that they met. It was stunning as everyone could see the ocean from the marquee.

The private ceremony was attended by big names such as Nicole Kidman and Steven Spielberg. They enjoy having guests over, and most often celebrities, for dinner. They enjoy being alone, despite the stars surrounding them.

The husband of the besotted wife made fun of her extravagant spending and jokingly said so. Many people have taken this joke more seriously and suggested that Arroyave might have married Hopkins just for the money.

A man known as Jimmy Esebeg tried to warn Hopkins about Hopkins’ current wife. Hopkins is alleged to have taken legal action for an alleged business deal with Arroyave. Hopkins did not respond to the rumors, but claimed he is happy with his current life.

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