Katie Flood Finds A Supporter In The Form Of Malia White From Below Deck Med

Malia White, star of Stars is counting her lucky stars. Finally, she has found a chief dish that she can get along with. She took to social media just hours before the new episode to express her gratitude for Katie Flood’s chief stew. Since she’s made her big debut during Season 6, the reaction has been mixed.

Katie is loved by many for her hard work ethic. However, some noticed that she doesn’t give much attention to tablescapes or event planning. Many love her relaxed approach to interior design and how friendly she is with them. Katie can be a little hesitant about controversial stews such as Lexi Wilson.

Malia White supports Katie Flood

Malia White took to Instagram on Monday, September 6th share two selfies taken with her chief stewardess. The bosun took the opportunity to praise Katie’s work ethic. She defended Katie and said that she’s “been busting her a$$ this season!”. Malia also stated that she “couldn’t have asked for a better boss babe to lead with.” Scroll down to view one of the images below.

Katie Flood Finds A Supporter In The Form Of Malia White From Below Deck Med

Malia and Katie aren’t the only female bosses on board. They join Captain Sandy Yawn, who’s been part of Below Deck MedSince Season 2. Katie took to Malia’s post to write, “Could not have done it without you.” Most fans agreed that Katie is the best chief stew they’ve ever seen on the show. Others loved the combination of girl power and Katie.

How about Bugsy Drake?

Some Below Deck Med fans were confused by Malia’s post. They were unsure if Malia was mocking former chief stew, Christine. Fans will remember when Malia and Bugsy used to be best friends. They were great friends, especially when they worked together for the first time in Season 2.

“What about Bugsy?”One fan wrote. Another fan added, “Agreed, and don’t forget Bugsy. But either way, definitely most appealing goddesses.”Many people loved the beautiful look of the two women together. Some people thought they had a child together.

Below Deck Med star has some regrets about Hannah’s firing

There’s one chief stew that Malia didn’t get along with and that was Hannah Ferrier. In Below Deck MedSeason 5, the bosun discovered an unregistered Valium prescription and a CBD pen. Hannah and Malia argued about cabin arrangements. She wanted to bunk with Chef Tom Checketts, her ex-boyfriend.

Hannah didn’t want to share a cabin with Bugsy. The two of them argued instead of discussing it. Malia sent the photo of Hannah’s belongings to Captain Sandy and the rest is history. Hannah ended up packing the boat and leaving.

Malia said in an interview that she regretted the decision. However, she doesn’t regret the decision that she made. Malia felt the need to report it, as it involved maritime law.

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