Michael Keaton’s New Movie Tops Off Becoming The Top 10 In Netflix

Netflix’s newest movie has just entered the streaming giant’s library. It was one of the top 10 movies in trend this weekend. It’s a fitting addition considering the anniversary of 9/11. The movie’s debut at the No. 9 spot on both the U.S. and Canadian charts, the social issue drama.

Starring Michael Keaton, It’s worth is a true story of Kenneth Feinberg as told by the author. He was a lawyer appointed to head the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. With the difficult task of putting a dollar price on the lives lost, Feinberg (Amy Ryan), and Camille Biros (his head of operations), find themselves in a dilemma but are determined to help families that have suffered unimaginable losses.

Stanley Tucci stars as Charles Wolf. This is Charles Wolf’s role, who after the death of his wife in September 2001 Towers collapsed, campaigned to establish the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Wolf helps to organize the community’s concerns and cries.

Michael Keaton's New Movie Tops Off Becoming The Top 10 In Netflix

Feinberg is initially skeptical about any changes to the formula he created to help the families of the victims. Feinberg learns the human cost of tragedy through events that help him see the bigger picture and he works hard to fix the fund before it’s too late.


Based on Feinberg’s memoir, What’s life worth? The Unprecedented Compensation Effort to Recover the Victims of 9/11, the movie — produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground— has won the hearts of viewers on social media, many commending the film’s frank dialogue about the realities surrounding the real-life events, while also praising Keaton’s performance as Oscar-worthy.

Talia Balsam stars Tate Donovan, Shunori Rajanathan, Talia Benanti, Marc Maron, and Ato BlanksonWood. The movie also features Carolyn Mignini, Victor Slezak, and Marc Maron.

Talking with ColliderKeaton was interviewed about the Sara Colangelo-directed movie that serves as a reminder about the power and value of empathy. Spotlight? The Founder Live From Baghdad. He was able to prepare for his real-life role. “They are three very different people from one another, but you have to do the basics, which is to be a little intrusive but for me anyway — be respectful. You know, but not hold back,” Keaton spoke.

“You pick the great parts of what they have to tell you and the less than great — dark parts of what they have to tell you. So, at some part, you have to be a version of — at least I did — have to be a version of them. Otherwise, you’re trying to do an impression.” Keaton says that while he enjoys it all, he doesn’t find it all. “kind of hard”To move into the mindset of a real person, it is a challenge that he welcomes. “eye-opening, to say the least.

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