Kathryn Prescott Dog Journey Star Hit by cement truck And Hospitalized!

Kathryn Prescott, the British actress, is now in New York City after she was struck by a concrete truck while crossing the street. She was her twin sister and fellow actress Skins Megan Prescott, the new star, who was announced Friday. Prescott, who is 30, was injured in multiple ways and had to have complex surgery. While she is recovering, she is currently alone in New York with her sister. Megan was initially denied an exemption to coronavirus travel restrictions. But, on Saturday, she announced that she would be allowed to travel to New York in order to visit Prescott.

Prescott was crossing New York’s streets on Sept. 7, when she was struck by a cement truck. Megan wrote on Instagram. She broke her pelvis in two places and had broken bones in her foot, leg, and left hand. Prescott is “incredibly lucky,” Megan wrote that she was still conscious and will be able to move around without paralysis. According to her doctors, she is expected to make a complete recovery. “correct care right now.”

Kathryn Prescott Dog Journey Star Hit by cement truck And Hospitalized!

The A Dog’s Journey Megan explained that star will be responsible for her own recovery and rehab, as she doesn’t have any family in the U.S. “I need help getting to New York to support her recovery. I will have to help her until she can start to walk again,” Prescott’s twin sister, continued. “I need to be there to help her with literally everything as she will be able to do incredibly little by herself. She will be in rehab for a very long time and will need 24/hr care even after she leaves the hospital.”

Megan applied to U.S. Embassy in the U.K. to be exempted from the current coronavirus travel restrictions which ban non-U.S. citizens from entering the U.S. Megan was left disappointed when her application was rejected by the U.S. Embassy in London. “devastated.”She said that Prescott has been vaccinated. “If anyone knows of ANY way I can appeal the US Embassy’s decision to reject my application for exemption from the travel ban please please reach out,” Megan wrote.

Saturday morning Megan has good news to share. Prescott was granted permission to allow her to travel to New York. She was happy to celebrate this but she asked her fans to remember that not everyone is so fortunate to be with their loved ones during the pandemic. “I will be able to be with Kathryn tomorrow and that is absolutely amazing but please take a minute to think about what’s happening to so many others right now who don’t have the luxury of so much support and who can’t get to their families,” She wrote. “I am incredibly lucky but so many others won’t be.”

Megan shared a link that took her to a GoFundMe page their brother Ben Prescott founded the campaign to raise funds for him to travel to America. Ben has to be quarantined in Canada for two weeks before heading to America, unlike Megan.

Prescott is best remembered for his role as Emily Fitch, a British teenager drama Skins From 2009 to 2010. She has also appeared on MTV’s Finding CarterFrom from 2014 to 2015. She played CJ Montgomery from 2014 to 2015.A Dog’s JourneyThe sequel to The purpose of a dog.

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