Growing Up Chrisley Fans Demand Removal of a Cast Member

In a recent episode, Growing up Chrisley fans are calling for the dismissal of one cast member. Interestingly enough, some of the show’s fans seem to have it out for this member of the show’s cast. It is surprising, given his reputation for being a great actor. Who are his fans trying to get rid of?

Growing Up Chrisley fans have mixed feelings about Chase’s best friend, Elliott Kennedy

Chase’s best friend has been a part of Growing up Chrisley Since the beginning of the season. Elliott convinces Chase to become his manager. Elliott sets to work and gets Chase a job as an interim manager for Ellen DeGeneres. Chase then fires Elliott.

However, the snafu doesn’t get between the two friends. Elliott is still a regular fixture. Growing Up Chrisley. Unfortunately, there is a group of people that wish that wasn’t the case.

The Chrisley USA Instagram account shared a number of photos recently. Clip A conversation between best friends about cardinal directions. It says above the video “Me Taking My Driving Test.”  Elliott wants to know which way is west. Chase tells Elliott. “opposite of east.”Elliott then wants to know which direction is north. Chase responds: “It’s not north.”

Growing Up Chrisley Fans Demand Removal of a Cast Member

What do the haters say about Chase’s friend?

This clip has a divided comment section. The comments that would like Elliott to be removed from the series are what really stand out. One comment reads: “Elliott is going to bring ratings DOWN!! We want a show about the Chrisley kids, not Elliott.😣”  Another comment says “Sick of Elliot. Don’t find him necessary for the show.” “Love the show but your friend ruins it with his stupidity and immaturity. Lose him or lose the show😮,” Another fan writes. One person even argues that Elliott is the same as Chase, without his Dad’s money. Someone else chimes in that Elliott doesn’t have money, so he isn’t going anywhere.

The negative comments are outnumbered by those who love Elliott. One person even wrote that Elliott makes Chase seem smarter. A lot of people find Chase’s best friend to be hilarious. What do YOU think? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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