Kate Middleton Allegedly Faced Rose Hanbury About Supposed Affair with Prince William.

It is Kate MiddletonDoubts about her are a constant struggle Prince William‘s marriage? Rumor has it, resurfaced cheating rumors have sent the duchess spiraling. Here’Here’s the latest gossip from the tabloids.

Kate Middleton Fighting with Prince William

In January, Star Reports claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton were once more plagued with cheating rumors. Middleton’s old fears were reaffirmed after an accusation by a UK journalist that William had covered up reports about Rose Hanbury’s rumored affair. “Not only have the rumors resurfaced, Kate’s insecurities have too,”Insider confided.

But we weren’t buying this story. Firstly, William’s alleged affair was never proven in any capacity, and the family has always denied the rumors. They died on their own, as there was not much to back up the rumors. So, we doubt Middleton was too upset by a single journalist’s comments about an affair that likely never even happened.

Kate Middleton – Reliving Her ‘Worst Nightmare’?

Then, In Touch claimed that the resurfaced affair rumors cast a dark cloud on Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday. The magazine compared Middleton’s falling out with Hanbury to that of Meghan Markle. “Kate had a huge war with Meghan Markle, but at least she went away. Rose is here to stay. But Kate knows she has to keep calm and carry on.”

Again, these tips didn’t hold water. Since William likely never even had an affair with Hanbury, we didn’t see why Middleton would be so upset by this gossip. It was obvious that Meghan Markle was the victim of this gossip, as Meghan Markle insists on reporting it. In TouchThis story was not written with pure intentions.

Kate Middleton was a Had ‘Showdown’Rose Hanbury

Finally, In Touch After rumors of William’s infidelity surfaced, it was claimed that William and Middleton were having a difficult time. Middleton apparently felt so confused she wanted to see Hanbury for answers. Middleton was alleged to have done it before, according to the magazine. But now, she wanted the truth. “Kate will be firm and demand answers, but she won’t lose it. She may not like what she hears, but she knows she has to keep calm and carry on, no matter what.”

Middleton didn’t likely need to travel far to seek answers. Since there was never any evidence to suggest William ever even had an affair in the first place, we weren’t buying this story of Middleton’s internal conflict. The only people still talking about William’s alleged relationship with Rose Hanbury are sleazy tabloids, so we doubt Middleton is even tuned into the mindless gossip.

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