Karen, a woman at the beach told me she could see’my whole butt’. It’s so phat she’ll see it

Karen had complained about being able to see Karen’s butt through her swimsuit.

You can clearly see her bottom.

Rachel Gibson, a lifestyle content creator, clapped back at a Karen who dress-shamed her


Rachel Gibson, lifestyle content creator and clapped on Karen’s back for dressing down her.Credit: TikTok/rachel.gibson6

Rachel Gibson@rachel.gibson6)Over 60,000 TikTok users were able to see her response.

She said that when the complaint was made, she had been trying to enjoy a relaxing trip at the beach.

Karen, I saw your whole butts in the swimsuit! “She said.

Rachel shook her head and took the time to sigh, rake through her hair with her hand.

“Me: We’re at a beach and I have a phat a**, you’re gonna see it!” “She replied.

She described the absurdity of her opinion using audio.

Randall! There’s a calf outside!” A woman called out.

A man replied, “This is cow farm… You’re going find cows out there.”

Comments were left by people to express their opinions and share stories.

This audio!” laughed a commenter.

One person said, “I’m always so sad when it happens to me.”

One person simply stated “FACTS”.

She said, of course, you're going to be able to see my butt because it's big


She responded, Of course you can see it because its big.Credit: TikTok/rachel.gibson6

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