Kakegurui Who is the main character in The Unique Story?

Despite the large cast central. “Kakegurui, “Yumeko Jabami, voiced by Saori Hayami (Japan) and Erika Harlacher (English), stands out as the main protagonist. In the first episode, Yumeko is introduced to her class as a transfer student. A fellow student named Ryōta Suzuki (Tatsuya Tokutake/Griffin Burns) is tasked with giving Yumeko a tour of the school, where she learns he’s one of the lower-ranked Pets — and he teaches her How important is gamblingThe school. Little does Ryōta know that Yumeko is obsessed with gambling, and we soon learn just how skilled she is.

Kakegurui Who is the main character in The Unique Story?

Yumeko is unquestionably the main character of “Kakegurui, “The story is incomplete without the contributions of the other characters. The main characters include Kirari Momobami, the class president (Miyuki Seeashiro/Michelle Ruff), Mary Saotome/Minami Tanaka), the wealthy, but insecure Itsuki some ragi (Yuki Wakai/Erica Mendez), Midari Ikishima (“Mariya Ise/Sarah Anne Williams).

You’re looking for a show that has a complicated, difficult-to-read protagonist? “Kakegurui” may be your next perfect watch.

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