Joy Behar of The View admits her former co-host intimidated everyone but herself on the panel

Joy Behar, the View hostess who is known for her fearlessness and willingness to express herself freely has been a constant in Behar’s public persona.

Joy Behar recently revealed, during a podcast Behind The Table of The View, that she did not feel the same about one co-host like her other co-hosts.

The View star Joy Behar admitted that she never feared a past co-host on the morning show


The View host Joy Behar revealed that she has never been afraid of any past morning co-host.ABC
Joy divulged that though she wasn't scared of the individual, others were, including her co-hosts


Joy said that even though she didn’t feel threatened by the person, some people were. This included her cohosts.ABC/Jeff Lipsky

View’s co-host Joy (80) and Brian Teta (47), the executive producer of the morning show, went down memory lane during the audio program.

The two began to reminisce about Barbara Walters. She was an iconic journalist and a mainstay of The View, from the show’s inception up until 2014.

Barbara popped up as they discussed how they try to be on time with each episode.

The podcast joked about how Sherri Shepard, 56, a former View panelist, used to tease her co-host Barbara for being on time.

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Sherri is said to have confessed Barbara “would kill them” if the were late.

Joy stated on her show that Barbara, despite being feared and looked upon as intimidating by others, never raised her eyebrows.

I was not afraid of Barbara. Joy revealed, “I used to go there for dinner.”

Barbara was never a threat to me. “Not me.”

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Brian asked Joy how Barbara might affect people’s fear levels. Joy responded that Barbara “would intimidate people more than make them afraid”.


The Behind The Table Podcast has recently revealed some shocking revelations.

Joy’s co-host Sunny Hostin, 54, admitted during an episode of Behind The Table podcast last week that she and Joy had a relationship that extended beyond work.

The moderators discussed their strategy for the Hot Topics segment when the former CNN journalist made his disclosure.

Sunny has revealed she often blurts on the show.

“Joy too is a blurter. This is something we have in common. “I feel that Joy and I are actually the most similar on the panel,” she said.

The program’s producer, Brian, explained that Sunny’s tidbit was “interesting,” which seemed to encourage her to drop more facts about the crew.

Yes, I agree. Sunny and Joy have a good relationship. “We agree on most issues, whether you believe it or no, and we spend lots of time together outside of the studio,” Sunny explained.

I think that a lot people also don’t realize this. “I think a lot of people don’t know that either.”

She does not regret her blurts.

Sunny seemed not to let Joy’s past shadiness toward her affect their bond.


Last year, Joy joked that she’s been “trying to get rid” of her co-hosts.

It came after fans demanded that the show fire Whoopi for her controversial remarks about the Holocaust.

Joy made comments about former cohostSherri ShepherdIn July, I appeared in an episode.

“Sherri you’ve always wanted your show right?” Joy asked, in reference to Sherri’s talk show which debuts this September.

Joy answered before Sherri had a chance to respond: “Well, I don’t know anyone who does not!”

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All the panelists laughed as she said: “I’m not going to be able to rid myself of them no matter how hard I try.”

Joy may have been joking, but some of her fans were not happy at that time with Whoopi as the moderator.

During the View's podcast Behind The Table, Joy and show producer Brian Teta began discussing the late Barbara Walters


Joy began talking about the late Barbara Walters during the View podcast Behind The Table. Brian Teta, the show’s producer, joined them.ABC
Barbara had to be on time when she was a host on The View, and she 'would kill' any of her co-hosts if they were late


Barbara was always on time as a co-host on The View. She ‘would murder’ anyone who arrived late.Credit: Getty
Joy admitted that the majority of people would be 'more intimidated than afraid' of Barbara


Joy acknowledged that Barbara would likely be more intimidating than frightening to most peopleCredit: Getty

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