By booking three days of vacation before 2023, Americans will be able to take nine work days.

You can turn three vacation days into nine by using a simple trick.

It’s important to make the most out of vacation time, particularly if it is limited.

Making the most of your vacation days, especially if they're finite, is a skill


The ability to maximize your vacation, even if you have limited days available, is an important skill.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Some workers know how to make the most of their time off. They can turn a couple days in a row into an entire week, if they plan it right.

Use recognized holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

You could increase three vacation days to nine if you take the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. This year, Thanksgiving falls on November 23, and your employer recognizes Black Friday and Thanksgiving as holiday.

You’d then have nine vacation days in a row, with weekends at the ends.

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You can easily turn a three-day long weekend into four or even five days of vacation by looking at your calendar and checking the holiday schedule for your employer.

If your company has Good Friday and/or Easter Monday on its calendar for 2024, then you could turn four days of vacation into 10 consecutive days.

Two options are available to you.

From Monday, 25 March through Thursday 28 March, or from Tuesday 2 April to Friday 5 April, you can use up four vacation days.

You can enjoy 10 days of vacation at the cost of only four.

Before booking any trip, you should consult your manager or the HR team.

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