Jeremy Vuolo’s church gets engaged in a lawsuit with L.A. County

The church that used to be Counting On Jeremy Vuolo, a star preacher at Grace Community Church, is currently in a lawsuit. So, what’s going on with Jeremy, Grace Community Church, and Los Angeles County?

Jeremy Vuolo's church gets engaged in a lawsuit with L.A. County

Jeremy Duggar and Jinger Duggar, as Duggar lovers may be aware, moved from Laredo Texas to Los Angeles, California a few years ago. Their two daughters, Felicity, three, and Evangeline (nine months) are now living in Los Angeles.

Jeremy is attending the Master’s Seminary in L.A., which is why the couple made the move there. While training to become a pastor, he’s practiced preaching at Grace Community Church.

Since Jeremy began studying at the Master’s Seminary, he has shared several videos of his sermons on social media. Duggar fans enjoy getting to listen to Jeremy preach, especially since most of them can’t see him in person right now. It’s unclear what’s next for Jeremy and Jinger once he graduates. The couple could move, depending on where Jeremy gets a job, but they do seem to love L.A. and post lots of photos and videos of what they’re up to there.

New information regarding a lawsuit against the church is now public. What’s going on?

Jeremy Vuolo's church gets engaged in a lawsuit with L.A. County

Jeremy Vuolo’s church lawsuit details surface

According to an article in the Los Angeles TimesGrace Community Church violated Los Angeles County’s prohibitions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The county guidelines stated that the church shouldn’t have held indoor services. The county sued the church for allegedly holding indoor services in summer 2020.

Although some may argue that this was an infringement of religious freedom, the pandemic was so severe that the county was able to sue. The U.S. Supreme Court made changes in September 2020 so that the county could no longer sue the church. These rulings were made to prevent public health guidelines from affecting houses of worship.

L.A. County spent more than $900,000. This case also included a countersuit from the church. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors approved the settlement last week. To cover their legal expenses, the church will be paid $400,000 California also owes the Church $400,000 in legal fees.

So, are you surprised to hear about this lawsuit that Jeremy Vuolo’s church is involved in? Did you know that Jeremy used to preach at Grace Community Church, Los Angeles? Please leave your comments below.

Jeremy Vuolo's church gets engaged in a lawsuit with L.A. County


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