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JEOPARDY! Ken Jennings, host of Jeopardy!, has been accused of a difficult clue that appeared to have Andrew He in it.

The former champion legend admitted to the incident online.

Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings blamed himself for a tough question that annoyed player Andrew He


Jeopardy! Jeopardy!Credit to ABC
Ken confessed that he pushed the writers to make a challenge


Ken said that he forced the writers to accept a challenge.Credit: ABC

Ken, 48, used Twitter to weigh-in on the matter “‘tough clue”A previous Jeopardy! episode.

The clue was found in a category called “Spelementary,”This game required players to spell words with the symbols of the given elements.

He tweeted a short excerpt of the episode, which was shared by the show’s Twitter account. He also added some information.

Ken wrote: “I confess: the tough $2000 clue here was my fault. I was lobbying the writers for a real expert-level one and just wound up annoying Andrew and Amy Schneider! (Sam Buttrey probably didn’t mind.)”

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Andrew buzzed into the episode to receive the following clue “Arsenic + Tellurium + Radon.”

He started to answer, but then paused and thought before he ran out of time.

The player let out a loud sigh to express his frustration.

Amy, Amy’s competitor, then buzzed him in, incorrectly guessing. “What is Astor?”As no one could find the answer,

The majority of people read Entertainment.

For more than its complex questions, fans have been buzzing about this game show.

Sam won Friday’s Tournament of Champions finals despite being in the lead.

Amy has won 40 times and was facing off against Andrew – a six-time champ and the fan favorite – and Sam in the finals.

The first player to win three matches gets the $250,000 grand prize- Andrew and Amy both have two wins.

So Friday’s episode could have been the end of the Tournament of Champions – instead, Sam entered the chat and put himself on the board.

Amy had $15.800, Sam $11.2K, Andrew $6.2K before going to Final Jeopardy.

“Everyone is very much in this Final Jeopardy which may be the final one of the tournament,”Ken admitted that it was not true.


Final Jeopardy is under “English Cities” read: “William the Conqueror’s son built a fortress on a key Northern river in 1080, giving this city its name.”

Amy and Sam were right about: “Newcastle”Sam told Ken that he had bet on the house for $11,200. Ken was stunned.

The host exclaimed: “So you’re going to add to that- oh, in fact, you’re going to double it!”

“Everything depends on Amy Schneider,” Ken said, turning to the legend who has the second-most wins on Jeopardy! ever.

As she disclosed her small wager, the crowd gasped. “just 1800″Ken said, Amy slumped onto her podium.

The crowd erupted just before Ken announced Sam the winner. He couldn’t even do that as the applause roared.

He took home $22,400, his first victory in the finals. His rivals were equally thrilled and the internet went crazy.

Megan Wachpress, another contestant, tweeted “The ToC audience is pretty evenly divided as to which favorite to win the whole thing.”

“But during the break before this game it became clear that *everyone* wanted Sam to win this one and the LOUD cheer that went up when he did (which you maybe get a sense of on TV?) was a glorious moment.”

All three players now have check marks on their podiums and the game six of Monday’s finals begins.


The California-based associate professor of operations research has endeared everyone with his knowledge A+ personality.

Sam revealed during one mid-game chat that he is a SoundCloud beat maker.

“I’ll be making you a mixtape of my two favorites: ‘The Colonoscopy Song’ and ‘Don’t Put Your Cat Butt in My Face,’” Sam jokingly promised to Ken.

Sam’sSoundCloudpage was hilariously and immediately found by the internet as Reddit users exclaimed, “He’s pretty good!”

In another on-stage story, Sam acknowledged he knows he looks like famous actor Steve Martin, and his comedic delivery was a winner.

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“Apparently a lot of people thought I looked like Steve Martin [when I won the Professor’s Tournament]. That’s an amusing comparison to me – I like it because not only is he hilarious…”

Sam added (turning right to the camera). “But he’s also famous for being the most handsome man in the world.”

Fans were buzzing about that category and player Sam Buttrey's surprise victory on Friday


Fans buzzed about the surprise win of Sam Buttrey in that category on Friday.Credit: ABC
Andrew had been the favorite to win


Andrew was the favourite to winCredit: Jeopardy
Ken is presiding over Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions


Ken will be presided over Jeopardy’s Tournament of ChampionsCredit: Getty

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