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JEOPARDY! Fans are dissatisfied with the show’s taping schedule. Many feel they have been tricked into believing they are reruns for late airing.

Fans were confused when the game show aired an episode from September earlier in the week.

Fans were furious to see episodes that were filmed weeks ahead of airing


Fans were horrified to see that episodes were shot weeks before airing.Credit: Jeopardy!
Ken and Mayim have shared hosting duties since Alex Trebek's passing


Since Alex Trebek’s death, Ken and Mayim have shared hosting duties.Credit to Fox


Many have now flocked to TwitterYou can complain about the circumstances.

“That Federer clue reveals how far back…” #JeopardyEpisodes are taped,” one said, referring to one nightly clue that covered Roger Federer’s announcement of retirement last month.

“I searched latest jeopardy tweets because I heard that and was wondering if I had a rerun on,”A second was noted with confusion.

“Understandable. The clue was very awkward given recent events. Federer’s retirement did come out of the blue, but they should avoid clues about possible future events,”Another reply.

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Jeopardy! Season 39 was relaunched on September 12, 2022.

August was a busy month for fans who watched reruns taken from the archives, which included favorite producers’ favorites.

Ken Jennings, who was the show’s most winningest contestant of all time, has been selected to host from September through December, with his co-host Mayim Bialik taking the reigns from January onward.

Bialik hosts Celebrity Jeopardy! Jennings will host Tournament of Champions.


On Monday’s Inside Jeopardy! Podcast, show executives defended celebrity spinoffs but acknowledged that it has been called polarizing or even a mistake.

Executive Producer Mike Davies, who scored the gig in 2021 after the disgraced Mike Richards was ousted, was joined by former “Clue Crew” member Sarah Foss on their weekly podcast.

Davies stated, “Episode Two of Celebrity Jeopardy!” [in particular], I think we’d characterize that as one of the more polarizing episodes at least I’ve been involved with.

“[We had]Three comedians, Eddie Huang, Reggie Watts and Iliza Schlesinger, had lots of fun.

“[But] There are certain people on Twitter who didn’t enjoy the episode.”

“Some of the suggestions, ‘we shouldn’t have done a tournament,’ ‘we should have done… half-hour shows.’

“Every episode does play a little differently, we kind of know where this is all going,”Once the A-lister is hinting TournamentAs technology advances, things will become more competitive.

They admitted that the episodes have been more like a series of short films. “comedy”Since many stars haven’t watched the show.

Producer Foss buzzed in, “Longtime fans would like to play it like it’s a regular show.”

“[At least] Ike Barenholtz [from episode three] was a real fan.”

The tournament-based spinoff has three episodes. Each winner will be invited to play in a semifinals and then to the finals.


In the September 25th premiere, Marvel Shang-Chi star Simi Liu, 33, faced Saturday Night Live’s Ego Nwodim, 34, and Andy Richter who had done quite well when the Celebrity edition was hosted by Alex.

In a wild finish, Simi claimed victory in an upset after trailing way behind frontrunner Andy for much of the game.

Reggie Watts admitted that he had only seen SNL parodies. Fans felt the second episode was a spinoff.

The trio were asked to identify the landmark replica of Paris, Las Vegas at 540 feet tall.

Eddie said: “the Statue of Liberty”Iliza said simply: “Paris”Reggie said: “Tour Eiffel.”

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Host Mayim Bialik burst out laughing in frustration at their answers, saying it was the Eiffel Towel, at first she didn’t realize Reggie had given the correct answer in French, per Rolling Stone.

He was then granted the points shortly thereafter.

Mayim has been hosting Celebrity Jeopardy! on Sundays


Celebrity Jeopardy is hosted by Mayim! Sundays
The spinoff has received mixed reviews


Mixed reviews have been given to the spinoff
Some have attributed the show to be more of a 'comedy' than a serious competition


Some claim the show is more of an ‘entertainment’ than a serious competition.

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