Jackie Kennedy, Meghan Markle Share This Fashion Hack in Common

It’s no secret that for centuries, women have been obsessed with shoes—and who could blame us? A good pair of shoes can change our moods, increase our confidence and make us feel confident enough to do anything.

It may come as no surprise that Megan Markle and Jackie Kennedy are passionate about shoes. But did you know that they both developed shoe hacks to make sure they look their best when out and about?

Jackie Kennedy’s Subtle Shoe Hack

In Jackie’s case, one of her best-kept fashion secrets was revealed in the memoir Jackie’s Girl: My Life with the Kennedy FamilyHer former assistant Kathy McKeon published the book, titled. In the book, McKeon took note of Jackie’s expansive and enviable shoe collection.

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“I had never seen such a dazzling selection of shoes! London-look boots, pumps in every color, spotless sneakers for morning jogs around the reservoir,” While observing the plethora of shoes in the first lady’s closet, McKeon noticed something peculiar: One shoe in each pair had a quarter-inch lift affixed to its heel, “apparently… to compensate for one leg being slightly shorter than the other,”McKeon agreed. This is a characteristic Jackie and John F. Kennedy shared, it seems.

Meghan Markle Sizes Up

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, also has a shoe secret. It is what she uses to keep her feet comfortable when she walks and stands a lot. Shoes that are 1 to 1 and 1/2 sizes larger than her normal size are what she wears. You can see the difference in her photos. There will be a gapBetween her heel to the back of the shoes.

This could be for a number of reasons. Markle may have one foot slightly bigger or smaller than the others. Markle could also wear larger shoes to be more comfortable and prevent her feet swelling after long periods of being on her feet. It’s been found that larger shoes do not rub, squeeze, or pinch your feet.

Markle started wearing larger shoes while she was an actress. She continues to do this as a member in the royal family. When she attends events or engagements, she’s expected to spend long hours on her feet, oftentimes on varying surfaces and in different temperatures, so it makes sense that she’d do what she could to keep comfortable.

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If you’re wondering how Markle manages to walk in heels that are too big for her, she has another trick up her sleeve. Markle’s other trick to walking in heels too big is to cushion her toes with cotton, silicone pads, and tissues.

Jackie Kennedy and Meghan markle are style icons who will be remembered for their timeless looks. It’s no surprise that they have both created a fashion hack or two. They are both great minds, after all.

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