Is Will Smith being asked to leave the Oscars? A new report examines the Academy’s history

Is Will Smith being asked to leave the Oscars? A new report examines the Academy's history

Deliberations on an official reaction to Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock continues, as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is currently evaluating the situation. As the Oscars’ governing board announced “disciplinary proceedings”While the proceedings were ongoing, Smith claimed that Smith was asked to leave after the incident. However, Smith refused. A new counterclaim was made, with unnamed sources claiming that Smith never requested to leave the ceremony. 

According to the sources, they told their story. TMZThe Academy’s official statement paints a completely different picture. According to some reports, there WasMuch debate surrounds whether it is worth.Eliminate the King RichardStar before his Best Actor win on that night. The apparent lack of consensus among the show’s producers prevented these measures from being taken.

Will Packer, one of the producers at the 94th Academy Awards is perhaps the most powerful. According to the same sources, Packer was strongly in favor of Will Smith being present for the duration of the show. He even asked him not to go. This is what Will Packer allegedly said to Smith when he spoke with him personally, in order to keep him at the ceremony last weekend. 

We don’t want you to go.

This report is not definitive or confirmed, so it should be viewed with caution. Official proceedings regarding the Will Smith/Chris Rock altercation are continuing. These new allegations will undoubtedly be considered and investigated to the maximum extent. 

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