Is The Empress based upon a true story or fictionalized? Inspiration behind Netflix series

Netflix is a streaming service that has a global audience and allows viewers to view films and series from all over the world.

In a story to rival The Crown and ITV’s Victoria, their latest effort is the German-language series The Empress which tells the story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

The Empress is set in historical settings, so viewers are left wondering if it’s based on a true story.

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Official Trailer | Official Trailer | Netflix





The Empress: Release date, plot preview

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, the Empress made its way onto Netflix.

Starring German actress Devrim Lingnau, the series follows 16-year-old Elisabeth, nicknamed Sisi, who falls in love with her sister’s fiancé, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.

Their love affair sends shockwaves through the Viennese court and after their wedding, Sisi must find a way to assert herself against her mother-in-law, the power-hungry Sophie, and her brother-in-law, Maxi, who wants Franz’s throne (and Sisi) for himself.

Sisi’s struggles at court are also set against the backdrop of wider turmoil as enemy troops gather on the borders of the Habsburg Empire while people in Vienna itself begin to rise up against the ruling emperor.

Is The Empress true?

Yes, The Empress is indeed based on the real events of Elisabeth of Austria’s life.

Elisabeth (or Sisi) was born in Munich, Germany, on December 24, 1837. She later married Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria at 16 in 1854.

The drama series explores Elisabeth’s experience at Habsburg court. She found it extremely daunting and had to learn how to deal with her manipulative mother, ambitious brother, and strict expectations.

The Empress, like other shows, is based on real events. However, some elements are fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

Speaking in a Press releaseKatherina Eyssen (The Empress showrunner) said: “For me, Elisabeth’s struggle for her individual freedom runs parallel to the struggle of the Austrian people. We do not know to what extent Elisabeth dealt with the oppression of her people.

“There is no diary of her. But the fact is that a strict neo-absolutism prevailed in Austria, which gave the citizens hardly any rights.

“The historical Elisabeth, just like our character, was all about self-determination throughout her life. And at the same time, a whole people was fighting against oppression.”

Season 2 opportunities explored [spoilers]

Netflix hasn’t renewed The Empress yet, but there are still many stories to tell if season 2 is approved.

As previously mentioned, The Empress is based upon the story of Elisabeth from Austria. Episode 6’s final moments show that there are many more aspects of her life to discover.

Season 1 ended with Elisabeth learning she was pregnant. She ventured into a crowd and revealed the news to them in the hope of quelling their anger.

Elisabeth discovered that she was actually pregnant in 1854, which is the year she married Emperor Franz.

She died in 1898 at 60. There are 44 years left of her life, so The Empress still has plenty to do, should Netflix decide to order another season.

You can stream The Empress now NetflixAfter release on September 29, 2022.

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