Are Kristianna and John from Love After Lockup’s are expecting a baby?

Kristianna and John have become one of Love After Lockup’s most interesting couples. So much so they have been featured on its spin-off, Life After Lockup. John proposes to Kristianna after some difficulties while she is in jail. The viewers are unable to help but focus on one question: is Kristianna pregnant?

Kristianna: A Baby and Love After Lockup?

Are Kristianna and John from Love After Lockup’s are expecting a baby?

There was a lot for Kristianna to digest when she emerged from prison. While she was gone, her husband had been flirting with Tara, her sister. Kris’s mom and Tara had come to stay with John while she was locked up for leaving her halfway house. Tara was pushing John’s buttons and almost made him give in. Kristianna was not interested in learning from her trusted friends and family.

John is aware of his mistakes and has admitted to cheating on many women he’s been with. His daughter stopped by to remind John not to make the same mistake again. He arranged a Bonnie & Clyde photoshoot to propose to his bride again. He wants to give his bride the wedding she deserves and allow her to start again. This could be a hint that they are having a baby.

In February, Kris’s son squashed all pregnancy rumors, saying any weight gain was from jail. She now says she is excited to add to her family. During an Instagram live, Kristianna said they definitely were looking forward to having kids together. Kristianna is showing that she can keep herself healthy, so she may have children sooner than expected.

Constant Speculation

She may not be pregnant yet, but Kristianna has been under constant speculation since Season 3 of Life After Lockup began. Viewers have asked about her tummy and won’t stop. This has led to them believing she is pregnant. It is not weight gain, as her son stated.

Are Kristianna and John from Love After Lockup’s are expecting a baby?

Yet, fans can be harsh. One tweeted this: “Sorry, Kristianna. I thought you were pregnant because you and John are back together, your stomach was round, you’re of childbearing age, and your husband is virile.” Another followed it up with: “Is Kristianna pregnant or not in the current season. I thought I heard she had a baby, but I can’t remember.”

It appears she is taking it all in stride and trying to live her best sober life. She is hopeful that she will continue her journey and have the family with John she desires. Keep watching this Love After Lockup couple continues their journey on Life After Lockup every Friday night on WEtv.

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