I’m a savvy homeowner & transformed my garden on a budget using a bargain buy from Aldi – it cost just £6

If the sun is shining this weekend, it’s likely that people will spend their time in the garden with friends and family.

If you want to make your backyard look nicer before guests arrive, this is the perfect solution.

A savvy homeowner gave her garden a glow up using a bargain buy from Aldi


Aldi bargains helped a savvy home owner give her garden new life.Credit: TikTok/@dbhome_47
The DIY plant pot cost a total of just £6


The DIY plant pot cost a total of just £6Credit: TikTok/@dbhome_47

An Aldi bargain can be used to create a DIY garden pot that instantly transforms your yard.

The best part is?

It costs just £6.

A clip was shared on TikTok by @dbhome_47), the DIY whizz can be seen showing off the terracotta plant pots that she snapped up for just £2.99 each in Aldi.

After carefully applying glue to one plant pot, the next step is to place the other on top.

NextThe DIY enthusiast simply paints the white plant pots on the terracotta colored ones.

After finishing the clever but simple gardening project, She adds soil and some flower pots and voila…a unique DIY garden design that is sure to impress guests.

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The clear glue I would have preferred to use was not available. She says.

I used Lick exterior painting.

“Not bad for £6!”

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