If you wake up with a migraine, what does it mean?

If you wake up with a migraine, what does it mean?

According to experts, migraines can happen in the morning due to a change in sleep patterns or lack of sleep. Migraine Trust. You body will try to make up for the sleep imbalance by becoming overly tired. According to the American Migraine Foundation, you’re up to 8 times more likely than others to suffer from a sleeping disorder if migraines are also affecting your life. A lack of sleep prevents your brain from clearing metabolic waste. It could also trigger your morning migraine. Cleveland Clinic.

According to experts, hormone fluctuations can also cause morning migraines. Medical News Today. You may feel a headache when you first wake up because your body releases less pain-relieving pain endorphins in the morning. During the early morning, your body produces more epinephrine which can trigger migraines. Estrogen and other hormones, which fluctuate in the body, can also contribute to migraines.

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