Hundreds of prisoner run away in chaos amid Sudan as the jailed cronies of ex-ruler are released.

The location of the dictator is unknown, but a MASS jailbreak from Sudan’s Capital saw the release of prominent Islamists from former leader’s government..

You can also read about New Video Shows the moment the inmates run and cheer for their liberation and explode on the streets of Khartoum, a war-ravaged city as the warring groups continue to tear this country apart.

The shaky footage shows the excited prisoners running for their freedom


Shaky images show the prisoners running in excitement for freedom
They scream and jump as they exit the confines of the prison into the night air


As they leave the confines and enter the night, the prisoners scream loudly.
Further footage shows a group of recent escapees strolling casually through the streets of Khartoum


Another video shows recent fugitives strolling through the streets in Khartoum.

It is believed that the images of prisoners fleeing were taken in Khartoum’s notorious Kober Prison as they fled for freedom at last weekend.

Another way to get in touch with us Films The recent escapees are shown walking confidently and freely down the streets.

Isolated from their former positions, these extremist Islamists were members of the ousted government led by President Omar al-Bashir.

Al-Bashir ruled Sudan with terror for 30 years. The International Criminal Court issued him arrest warrants over crimes such as genocide and war crimes.

UK to launch fresh Sudan evacuation flight tomorrow from war-torn country
Shock photos show Sudan evacuation plane spewing fuel & riddled with bullets

Ahmed Haroun is a member of al-Bashir’s former government and he announced his escape with other lieutenants loyal to the Bashir era on Tuesday.

Haroun – who is wanted by the ICC as well for crimes against humanity – urged all Sudanese, to join the army, in their campaign to take back total power from Rapid Support Forces – its militia competitor.

In the violence, other prisons were damaged or stormed allegedly by gunmen who released a wave of inmates onto Sudan’s roads.

Also, it is troubling to know that Omar al-Bashir’s whereabouts are unknown.

Haroun’s comment and the escape of the prisoners have raised fears the Sudanese Army is deliberately releasing them to cause more confusion in the country, and rallies shadow militias behind their cause.

Al-Bashir is reportedly being held in hospital by the army, which has denied any involvement. The RSF then claimed that they had freed the prisoners.

The jailed dictator Omar al-Bashir who ruled Sudan for 30 years with terror, repression and violence


Omar al-Bashir was imprisoned for his 30 year rule of terror, violence and repression in Sudan.Credit: AFP
Kober prison is pictured in 2019 as the ousted president is escorted to trial for his crimes


Kober Prison in 2019. The ousted President is being escorted for trial.Credit: AFP

Ravina Shadasani, UN spokeswoman for rights, stated: “We are very, very alarmed at the recent jailbreaks.”

“We are very concerned about the prospects of future violence amid an overall climate of impunity.”

Shamdasani explained that “the symbolism behind the release of war criminals is what has led to today’s situation”.

The perpetrators are emboldened when you keep seeing serious crimes go unpunished.

The tensions between Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan’s armed forces and Gen Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo of the RSF, also known as Hemedti, have been growing for some time.

The two groups worked together to support the popular uprising in 2019 against the 30 year despot, but all hopes of freedom vanished when the military and militia came into power jointly in 2021.

Sudan went into full-blown conflict two weeks ago when two heavily armed and powerful factions began fighting one another on the streets in a bloody struggle for power.

UN says that the UN has understated this conflict by at least 4500 injured, and 528 deaths. Tens of thousands civilians have fled in fear for their life.

Many residents in the capital are trapped by an urban war with little food, fuel or water.

Fighting has re-ignited a decades-old ethnic war in western Darfur.

In 2003, the war-weary region erupted in a bloody Civil War after al-Bashir brutally suppressed an uprising which left 300,000.000 dead.

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Over 2,122 passengers have been evacuated in 23 flights.

The government announced the last flight for those trapped in Sudan after the deadline to make it to the evacuation flights expired on Saturday.

The scenes from a bombarded Khartoum which has borne the brunt of the brutal inter-warring


Khartoum has suffered the worst of inter-war violence.Credit: AFP
Citizens have been trapped in their houses running out of food and water


Residents trapped at home due to lack food and waterPhoto: Reuters
UK troops have evacuated almost half of all the British citizens trapped in the war-ravaged country


UK troops evacuated half of British citizens stuck in the country ravaged by warPhoto: Reuters
British nations and their dependents have only one last chance to make it out on an evacuation flight on Monday


On Monday, British nationals and their dependents will have one final chance to get on an evacuation plane.Photo: Reuters

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