How Vin Diesel Helped Shape Aquaman 2, According To Director James Wan

How Vin Diesel Helped Shape Aquaman 2, According To Director James Wan

The first “Aquaman” movie certainly dealt heavily with family themes. After all, Arthur Curry goes to the ocean to deal with his cantankerous brother, Orm (Patrick Wilson), who wants to usurp Arthur’s throne. That movie ends with Orm getting defeated, but as the teaser for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” shows, Arthur will need his help to deal with a powerful threat — Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who now wields the Black Trident.

Aquaman has apparently learned a lot about family between the two movies. He’s married now and has a child, but that only gives the superhero more weaknesses for his enemies to exploit. In fact, many already assume “Aquaman 2” could adapt one of the darkest storylines from the character’s comics that would really test his resolve.

Wan’s comments are also interesting due to the different types of families featured in the two franchises. “Fast & Furious” is all about found family and how your friends and the people you spend time with can end up closer than blood relatives. Meanwhile, it looks like “Aquaman 2” literally deals with inner-personal familial conflicts. Will Aquaman and Orm be able to set aside their differences and become loving brothers toward one another? If Dom (Vin Diesel) could forgive Jakob (John Cena) in “Fast & Furious,” maybe there’s hope for Aquaman’s family yet.

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