How to wipe iPhone before selling it – NEVER flog it without doing this first

WANT to sell your iPhone? You could end up giving away your personal information if you don’t wipe it first.

With the iPhone 13 now official, it’s time to think about upgrading – and staying safe while you do it.

Resetting your iPhone is very easy


Resetting your iPhone is very easyCredit: Apple

How do I force my iPhone to factory reset?

Before you factory reset, you should make sure you have backed up any data you still want from Settings, Apple ID, iCloud, and iCloud Backup.

You should also make sure your iPhone is connected to WiFi, and plug it in to power to be safe.

1. 1. Open the iPhone settings.

2. Scroll down until General appears, then tap on it.

3. Next, tap on Reset. It is located one above Shut Down at the bottom of your list.

4. Tap “Erase all Content and Settings”

5. Follow the prompts to enter your passcode.

6. When prompted, confirm the reset.

7. Wait for the process finish. It will then appear exactly the same way it did when it was first purchased.

How can you factory reset your iPhone without entering a password?

Some models of iPhones don’t require a password. You can still factory reset your iPhone using the steps above.

After the reset, you will need to enter the password. You can only restore to the last backup.

You can reset your iPhone back to the latest version of iOS without the password using iTunes, which is still available although discontinued.

This can be done without iTunes on an older iPhone model or with a Mac.

To use iTunes to factory reset your iPhone without a password…

1. Install the latest iTunes version from the app store.

2. Put your phone into the Recovery mode, by following these steps:

  • press the Power button and one volume button at the same time (or just the Power button on iPhone 7) and hold them down until the Power Off slider appears.
  • The slider will turn off your iPhone.
  • Hold the power button down on your iPhone (or one volume key for iPhone 7), while connecting your iPhone to the computer.
  • Release the button when your iPhone moves into the ‘recovery mode’ screen.

3. Select Restore from the alert window once your iPhone has entered Recovery mode.

4. Your iPhone is now ready to be restored from a backup, or for a new user who wants to make it their own.

To erase all data on your iPhone, you can connect to another computer using an app that unlocks iPhones.

You can factory reset an iPhone using iCloud and Find My iPhone. But only if Find My iPhone option is turned on and you are signed into

To do this, go, and choose Find iPhone.

Next, click All Devices and then select the iPhone you wish to factory reset. Finally, click on the Erase iPhone button.

How do I reset my iPhone so that it can be used by a new person?

Your iPhone may hold a lot information about you, your family and friends. This includes photos, banking details and thoughts.

Before giving your iPhone to another person, you will need to factory reset it.

It’s also important for a new user to be able to access your iPhone, so sign out of iCloud to disable the Apple “activation lock” to make this possible.

First, sign in to your iPhone Settings. This is usually located on the first screen.

Tap on your name and Apple ID, which are located right at the top of screen, just below search.

Tap Sign Out on the next page. Next, follow the prompts to enter your password. Finally, tap Turn Off.

Your iPhone is now ready to be factory reset.

You can factory reset a stolen iPhone.

Yes, you can factory reset an iPhone if it has been stolen.

Log in to using the Apple ID you used to sign in on your stolen iPhone.

Select Find iPhone and then click on All Devices. Next, select the iPhone you wish to factory reset. Finally, click on the Erase iPhone button.

If you have an older iPhone or iOS version, click Erase iPhone. This will allow someone to unlock your phone and reset it.

How do I reset my locked iPhone?

You can reset a locked iPhone by connecting it to your computer. iTunes is available, but you may need to connect it.

Press the Power button and volume buttons simultaneously to connect to your computer.

Use the slider to turn off your iPhone.

Your iPhone can be connected to your computer by pressing the power button (or the volume down button) on iPhone 7.

Continue holding the button down until the iPhone enters Recovery mode.

An alternative method to unlock your iPhone is to use a third-party tool. These will reset your iPhone.

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