How to find Rachel Covey’s cameo in Disenchanted on Disney+

Comfort movies can be a great gift, no matter what the circumstances. For die-hard Disney fans, Enchanted is a nostalgic treat of an experience and you won’t be hard-pressed to find audiences who could recite the script from memory.

The 2007 Amy Adams film satirized Disney princess tropes with hilarious results. It has been a favorite for many years.

The audience is invited to view Disenchanted twice a week.

The fantasy musical was directed by Adam Shankman and premiered on Disney+ Friday, November 18, 2022. Amy reprises the role of Giselle, while other familiar faces drop in to reprise their roles.

On the other hand, Robert’s (Patrick Dempsey) daughter Morgan Philip is portrayed by a different actress this time around, although original star Rachel Covey has a Disenchanted cameo to look out for…

How to find Rachel Covey’s cameo in Disenchanted

Although Rachel won’t reprise Morgan’s role in Disenchanted, Disenchanted fans will still be able to spot her at a “blink and you’ll miss it” cameo.

Rachel is visible for a brief moment during the sequence in which Giselle transforms Monroeville into Monrolasia. Monrolasia Girl is her name. She is one the resident there.

To find her cameo, you can watch the movie on Disney+ by skipping to 40:55. Giselle is reminded by her character that there will be a festival in town that night.

It’s wonderful to see Rachel back, despite being in an entirely new role.

Although the reasons for Morgan’s casting change have not been explained, it is possible. The reason for the Morgan recasting is probably due to Rachel’s inactivity as an actor. Instead, she has been busy writing plays and music compositions. ScreenRant reports.

Her first musical – Painting Faye Salvez – was performed during the New York Musical Festival in 2017 to acclaim and she also graduated from Northwestern University in 2020 ahead of the Disenchanted shoot.

Disenchanted is set 10 years after original film events. In real life only 15 years has passed. This suggests that the choice was creative and unrelated to age.

What role does recast Morgan play in Disenchanted

Gabriella Baldacchino plays the older Morgan in Disenchanted.

American actress, she is 20 years old. She has starred in movies like Unschooled (Tiffany), and Ask For Jane(Irma) while also appearing on The Conners TV Series (Isabella).

Find her on Instagram gabbybaldacchino.

Official Trailer for Disenchanted| Official Trailer



Official Trailer| Official Trailer





‘It’s just funny to just play the opposite’

Gabriella has recently spoken with Narcotics She talks about how she juggles the tonal changes of her characters, mixing reality and fantasies.

“I think getting to transform into this opposite from what my character was because she’s this funny, sarcastic, witty character and then she becomes this chippering little princess,” She said.

“I think it’s just funny to just play the opposite.”

Disney+ now streams Disenchanted

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